By badDriver - 28/11/2009 21:37 - United States

Today, I hit a parked car. It happened to be my driving instructor's car. While he was instructing me, sitting in the passenger seat. I don't think I'll pass. FML
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Those inanimate objects are tricky indeed.

That sucks. When I was in driving instruction I nearly nailed alot of the instructor's stuff. I think instructors purposely put you in those situations, but better their own stuff than other peoples.


hmmm dont reckon you will have passed

suaveneanderthal 0

ummm, where in the world do you live that you don't know if you passed your driving exam the day you take it? You really don't think you passed or did you already find out you didn't?

was it a benz sitting on dubs?

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i think OP is a 60 year old asian woman who immigrated just now from China

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Unregistered, the OP is a man. Doh!

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You don't think you'll pass? either you passed or not you idiot, unless you crashed and then pulled out your phone to write this FML.

YDI for being a women.

Do you know how to read? O.o It clearly says the OP is a man...

You must be a man. Sexist, incorrect grammar, and inability to read... yup.

That was to "rexmaxus", by the way.

Don't put us all in the same category as numnuts.

toasterlovin 0

she jumps to the conclusion that he is a man because he's sexist. anyone else see somthin weird with that?

ha ha she is sexist too

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Probably not.

Probably why people usually make you use your own car.

Hahaha that's bad FYL learn to drive!

Those inanimate objects are tricky indeed.

your a dick #2.

I'm sure you're not the only one.

hahahaha even though majority of driving accidents is a man's fault? this is a teenager we're talking about.

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hahaha fyl