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  GigglePony  |  13

YDI for expecting your father to pass your retarded ass regardless. When you go to switch on the radio and drive through a wall, you know you've fucked up.

  Hughmadd  |  0

It's offensive because the first thing you associate Germans with is the Third Reich, one of the darkest, most miserable time periods in human history, and I would feel extremely offended if I were OP.

Throwing a banana at a black person is an awful thing to do, so is the "N word", and a whole bunch of other racial slurs. So what makes you think it's okay to throw such harmful insults at a German, who wasn't even alive when this bullshit occurred? You don't think it's offensive to be called an anti-Semitic, homophobic, bigoted psychopath?

Today, holocaust denial and neo-nazism is illegal and punishable up to two years in prison in Germany, while your country (which is also mine) still allows it, and it's incredibly strong, so speak for yourself.

  bearslion21  |  0

you guys do notice that the op more than likely doesn't what your talking about, right? "neo-Nazism" isn't illegal, some of Germany's older clans are still full of Nazis. but yes in their education systems it is illegal to teach the history of their country in the early and mid 20th century.

  GigglePony  |  13

Hey #54 much of he SA and SS weren't homophobic many of them were gay themselves, the whole macho standard. But, you'll likely deny this and believe the neo-Nazi rhetoric of today. Good day to you.

  ishama13  |  0

32, you are stupid. All he said was hail hitler, you made it seem like he aimed it at all Germans. you clearly are passionate about hitler, but your just trying to be a dick. Don't try to be smart and pull some non fictional bull out your ass to be serious.


=_= wow....
Ayame, cut to the chase and just admit that you were not joking around, you just wanted attention! I bet you are reading all the replies and grin to yourself!.... you are my hero! :')

  Anaxes  |  5

"It's offensive because the first thing you associate Germans with is the Third Reich, one of the darkest, most miserable time periods in human history, and I would feel extremely offended if I were OP."

Firstly, "Third Reich" isn't a time period.

"Associate Germans with the Third Reich". I didn't think it was a secret. (Funnily enough, Third Reich translates into "Third World")

"I would feel extremely offended if I were OP". Then you're just an oversensitive politically correct jackass. Harden the fuck up.


Parents always expect the most out of their children. Henceforth, they are always way harder on them. My dad was the coach of my basketball team when I was younger, and he played me every minute of every game, he always busted my ass the most in practice, and he always came down on me harder than the other kids. That's because he wanted me to be the best, and it def paid off when we went to the championship game one year. Just keep trying hard, and I'm sure he'll pass you.

  ioncann0ns  |  1

No, that isn't bad structure.


9 and 14, I completely agree. I don't find any problems with OP's sentence structure. grammar Nazis are a necessary evil on this site, but they should keep their mouths shut unless they're certain that a correction is needed

  Lythiaren  |  8

I agree with 8. It doesn't matter if the instructor is family; if OP can't be bothered to pay attention to her driving lessons, her father has a professional obligation to fail her.

By  Inspired22  |  11

Well, you can't expect special treatment because your dad is the instructor! I hear it is super hard to get your license in Germany anyway. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again...

  zanguard  |  0

But if everyone rides shotgun then who is driving? Does that mean that while I am riding shotgun, the person to my left does not fall under the category of everyone? Meaning that said person is in fact nobody? Life is confusing!