By chevygirl51 - 28/05/2014 21:12 - United States

Today, I took my driving test. It was all going well until out of habit from driving with my boyfriend, I reached over and held my instructor's hand. FML
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"Accidentally". Well that's one way to get a passing score.

Could be worse. You could have accidentally reached over and grabbed his willy!!!


"Accidentally". Well that's one way to get a passing score.

vango_fml 7

Right,...I'm sure she "accidentally" held his "hand"

Where did the fml go about being friend zoned? Is it normal for them to pull fmls off the main feed?

I don't think you can come back from something like this.

91hayek 31

Now he knows you have a habit of not only driving with one hand, but having the other one too far should you need to react quickly. How needy is your boyfriend?

I doubt he is all that needy couples hold hands while driving all the time

he also knows op has been driving illegally if they have a permit...

RedPillSucks 31

Some states allow a provisional permit where you can drive without a parent during the day or when going to, or coming from work.

you have to actually pass your test first to get your license otherwise you still have to have a parent

it doesnt always have to be a parent teaching you. it just has to be someone who meets the requirements for driving with a learner, & OPs boyfriend could meet those requirements.

i guess im assuming op is 16 but that would have to mean the bf is a good bit older for him to qualify

I don't know about other places, but in Texas when you have your permit the other person in the car just needs to be a licensed driver over 21. So her learning with him could be completely legal. I would hope she's not 16 and dating someone that old if it's the same where she lives.

damnit1989 16

Why is everyone assuming they had to have a parent? In Colorado, you only have to have someone in the car that is 18+ and licensed. It does not have to be a parent specifically. With that in mind, maybe her bf is 18 and licensed.

Also OP might not be 16, she could have just put off getting her license til now.

Could be worse. You could have accidentally reached over and grabbed his willy!!!

That's the direction I thought this story was going in at first...

Still a better love story than twilight

54, maybe FunnnyGirrl happens to like the play Funny Girl

54, It's FunnnyGirrl, please get it right.

Guys - FML isn't the place to get all up on each other. Save it for iFunny.

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If he was a cool instructor he would have placed it back on the the wheel and pretended like nothing happened.

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you didn't go for his junk phew!! just saw someone beat me ahhh

You shouldn't let people beat you. You gotta defend yourself. (Sarcasm)

So it's gotten to the point where we literally have to spell out sarcasm for people to get it, huh?

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Unfortunately, the internet is a very sensitive place full of people that don't usually read sarcastically. People get angry at the smallest things lately.

Or some don't assume that most people on the internet are clever enough to invoke sarcasm into their responses effectively and appropriately. If it has to be spelled out, it wasn't effective to begin with and certainly loses its effect afterward.

The same can not be said of the comment m'afraid.

That's an odd thing to do, even with your boyfriend, imo. Are you such a bad driver that you have to comfort him by holding hands that everything will be alright?

Could be the other way around, and she's the needy one.

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it's just a habit geez. I hold my bfs hand sometimes when I'm driving and vice versa. LOTS of people do it.

and then u get points taken off for not having both hands on the wheel.

Axel5238 29

I was using the mod feature and saw a variation of this except the person said they failed for taking their hand off the wheel and grabbing the instructors hand. I wonder if the OP submitted 2 of these. Depending on the instructor they may have failed the person for their reaction.