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  shessohighh  |  10

Driving instructor fucked up too. Most cars they use for driving lessons have a break and wheel on the passenger side to stop situations like this. Unless OP was 2ft in front of a building and floored it, the instructor should have had time to take control. And if they are using a regular car maybe the instructor will rethink that now.

  xLIGHTS_fml  |  23

Well I never had any practice whatsoever when my driving instructor just told me to drive. I was confused at first because my parents never practiced with me. Needless to say, I didn't crash and did pretty well.

  jmigs17  |  19

So if OP says it was more than50 feet, are we going to suddenly be impressed. Wow. Good job OP. You made it 51 ft then crashed. Didn't think so