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Today, I went to Disney World. I fell and hit my head while jumping up and down to see Ariel. I'm a 35 year-old man. FML
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X0XyentroucX0X 0

i seen her...i dont blame u she is pretty hot

Talking about Ariel, how do mermaids reproduce ?


this isn't really a fml..lots of adults like Disneyland and get excited. it shows there is a child in everybody :) x

The FML isn't that he is an adult who still likes Disney, the real FML is that he fell and hit his head, causing him to lose precious time that could be spent watching Ariel!! Oh God, the horror! D':

X0XyentroucX0X 0

i seen her...i dont blame u she is pretty hot

+1 I'd do the same, we're all young, horny boys on the inside.

greenltrn2003 0

I was coming to say the same thing

acai_blueberry 0

lol, and shes a natural red head. red pubes man, hard to come by

@#61 Is she old enough for that? I thought he was saying "F my life: I discovered I'm a loli while at disneyland!"

acai_blueberry 0

he was, but doesnt mean he cant find another way to appreciate this. plus im pretty sure she is atleast 18, i mean cmon she got freaking married in a penis castle and stuff. well atleast there was a tower with a penis on it

red pubes!?! I never thought of that when I thought of red heads! that would be awesome! but what if she had leg hair or armpit hair? *shivers* {'_'}

Guess we didn't go during the same time, cause' when I went she didn't look all that great.

This is my husband in 10 years. Greaaaaaaaaat.

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kathyfan 0

Yeah and alot of them sound really scripted and fake now

Haha, nice. I don't blame you. You were in kid mode or wanted a "better" view mode. Hope you had fun!

Talking about Ariel, how do mermaids reproduce ?

I'm guessing the OP doesn't really think about that...

She lays the eggs. Wanders off and the OP fights the other males in the area for the right to fertilize them.

alphatoomega 21

Does that really matter? She has a mouth and hands, right?

You, my friend(not really), fail. Majorly. ._.

Couldn't you just look over the kids? or are you a midget? but it's ok because you need to let your inner child come to you once in a while (: so fyl