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  br0dawg  |  6

Fuck them, OP. Bitches gon' be bitches until the end of time. Just do your own thing, even if that reduces your friend-count to one. That was my mentality in high school---not to be the baddest motherfucker in 3rd period (that's a natural skill, pff), but because you simply learn sooner or later that some people out there are never going to change. But you'll meet some really chill people to call friends down the road, I guarantee you. You can even hold me to it, heh.

  Drigr  |  9

When this happens, you must ask yourself if you have done anything to deserve it. We have "that guy" at my work, but it's because he's a total prick, always messing stuff up or screwing off and blaming it on everyone else.

  Voluge  |  0

I can too, we have that guy in My group of friends, we enjoying hanging out with him but not how fast he jumps on bandwagons and yells at us for being helpful.

  hellaflushfa5  |  6

For example, Karen is always a douchebag. Every group has a Karen and she's always a bag of douche! You always talk about her and say god Karen is such a douchebag, exept when she walks up your like hey what's up Kar!

Dane cook anyone?

  LSS_fml  |  18

I used to think I was that one, then I realised I was being paranoid because they all did it to each other... Then I ditched them. (Cool story, I know.)

  deviable  |  9

It's not like there's an obligation to have that one friend. Call me crazy, but if I don't like someone, then instead of talking behind their back and pretending to be their friend, I just don't stay friends with them.

By  metalwolf  |  17

This is why I am the kind of person who prefers to be nice to everyone but only a few people earn the tag "friend". It is better to have only 5 real friends then to be mister or miss popular and and 50 people hanging round you who would split the second things get bad.

  DuffleBagHero  |  4

I agree, this reminds me of how I am. I'm the type of person to say hi, and I'm nice to people, but I only have a few true friends. There's like this table, that all the black people hang out at my school (when i was in highschool) and I used to be in it but... I couldn't really trust more than two people at that table, and it was a large group so I just stopped hanging out with them. But looking from the other side.. I really wasn't missing out.