Ball Is Life

By Anonymous - 17/09/2018 12:00

Today, my wife tried to be sexy by climbing on top of me wearing nothing but a thong. Unfortunately, her knee came down in just the wrong spot and I passed out instantly from the pain of my testicle rupturing. I'm in hospital now recovering from the removal surgery. FML
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geekynerd88 10

Your wife literally made you bust a nut.


geekynerd88 10

Your wife literally made you bust a nut.

Umm WHAT!!! it takes about 400lbs to rupture a ******** ,what did she do get a running jump?🤔😨😵😕

Distribution of weight plays an important role. 180 pounds dispersed over a couple of square inches could easily surpass 400 pounds of pressure, especially if you factor in momentum.

pretty sure it dont take 400 lbs to pop a nut maybe 25 lbs at the most

Update, please! Did you willingly become celibate after this?

ViviMage 38

You can still manage a normal life with one ********. It's the death wife, the wife of punishment! Your future children are groaning.

When your wife proposed the new sex position, I hope you didn’t say, “Have a ball!”

Ouch! That's incredibly unfortunate for both of you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

well for once a wife actually did take a man manhood

To your coworkers: My wife and I had such fantastic sex, I ended up in the hospital