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Today, I got into a heated argument with my mom, because apparently I'm an idiot for not sharing her belief that chickens are mammals. She has a university degree in this stuff. FML
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74 No matter how you cook a tomato it's still a fruit. If you put lettuce in a parfait does that make it a fruit? If you wear socks outside are they magically shoes? The only time you can transform a fruit into a vegetable is if you completely paralyze Richard Simmons.


Then again, they can also fly. Avi-amphibian?

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16- I can swim, my dog can swim, my cats can swim, my horses can swim. And I'm pretty sure that we are all mammals..

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16- I can swim, my dog can swim, my cats can swim, my horses can swim. And I'm pretty sure that we are all mammals..

I think I know who won the stupid award

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Who cares?!? Lol.. Op your mom is stupid so dont argue with her..

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That's true chickens are reptiles, Emma Watson is an alien, Obama is Kenyan, and from majority of these fmls I believe were a nation destined to be called, idoitocracy.

Spelled wrong by accident or a clever joke, 84, that is the question!

32 is a special brand of human known as "Mentally Unfit" or "Mother-******* Retarded".

32 is making me lose faith that people know what sarcasm is nowadays

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#93 *facepalm* Now their goes my shot to be president of Idiocracy and settle for being a congressman. fml.

84 - Idiocracy. Not "idiotocracy". Idiocracy is actually a movie too, btw.

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149- scroll up just a little bit, that's. right, now slowly read post 132, now really loud so we can all hear it... *FACEPLAM*

152 - But... :( Lying makes me feel better...

Chickens are birds and all birds are essentially reptiles because they stem from the dinosaurs (thus being reptiles). Remember the dinosaur that flew with it's beak and bat-like wings? The fact that they are reptiles can be seen by their beaks, laying eggs and so forth. I repeat - all birds are in fact reptiles!! I'm not making this stuff up, study zoology. Mammals are classified by giving birth directly without eggs!

okay 175, where do I start.. first of all, if giving live birth is a classification for being a mammal, then how could a platypus or an echidna be a mammal? which they are btw. and some reptiles do in fact give live birth such as some rattlesnakes and garter snakes second, if having a beak and laying eggs makes something a reptile then an octopus and a squid are both reptiles...? I think the dinosaur you're talking about is a pterosaur, which didn't have a beak and its wings were far from bat-like. unless you're talking about archaeopteryx which had feathers and flew but is neither a bird nor a reptile. dinosaurs have their own classification. and last but not least, birds are in no way reptiles as can be seen by the fact that they are warm-blooded, lay hard-shelled eggs as opposed to leathery shells, have hollow bones, have a heart with a different number of chambers, have a completely different metabolism, and half a dozen other things.

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And you said you hate stupid people looool...

oops. XD i see that 226 said birds weren't reptiles, not dinosaurs. in which case, you're right, they're not technically reptiles. but the rest of my statement stands for everyone else

Are you frekin kidding me right now? Please say you are!

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Not all mammals have live births; monotremes are mammals that lay eggs (and produce milk.) Mammary glands are they key.

There is a platypus controlling me And he's under the table

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Yeah and the elephant is a nocturnal Vertebrae

Birds are mammals! Tomatoes are fruit! Finland is not in Scandinavia!

97, The first one was sarcasm, but when I said the other two, I was cereal!

Platypus are secret agents who save the world from grandma's meatloaf. Duh.

Aren't birds warm blooded? That makes them a mammal.

No, 162, that does not make them automatically mammal. God ******* damn it.

sorry most don't but if your a bird your a bird not a mammal just like a reptiles not a mammal or an amphibian bird is genre so to speak just like mammal

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Somebody failed biology class....

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Some people just get a degree to say they have one, or get a good job :/

Why are all parents on FML painfully stupid? -_-

"My parents are amazingly wise, wonderfully benevolent, utterly sane, gloriously tolerant, delightfully intelligent and practically perfect in every way. FML" Yeah, not gonna happen.

Well it could be like "Today I got in an argument with my mother because she said aligators are reptiles. I'm an alligator hunter and I didn't know that FML"

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Lol no worries my mom is a dumb ass too.

That's not nice to say about your mom...-_-

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I'm a teenager. It's basically my right to say that about my mom.

OP's mom has "breasts," so... she's a chicken? Slowly things are becoming much clearer...

just give her a medicine. there's a special kind called 'google'

I always though chickens were fast food. My bad.