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By  sheethapins  |  13

No matter how you cook a tomato it's still a fruit. If you put lettuce in a parfait does that make it a fruit? If you wear socks outside are they magically shoes? The only time you can transform a fruit into a vegetable is if you completely paralyze Richard Simmons.

  EnEl_Infierno  |  15

That's true chickens are reptiles, Emma Watson is an alien, Obama is Kenyan, and from majority of these fmls I believe were a nation destined to be called, idoitocracy.

  purrfume  |  0

Chickens are birds and all birds are essentially reptiles because they stem from the dinosaurs (thus being reptiles). Remember the dinosaur that flew with it's beak and bat-like wings? The fact that they are reptiles can be seen by their beaks, laying eggs and so forth. I repeat - all birds are in fact reptiles!! I'm not making this stuff up, study zoology. Mammals are classified by giving birth directly without eggs!

  viper07  |  2

okay 175, where do I start..
first of all, if giving live birth is a classification for being a mammal, then how could a platypus or an echidna be a mammal? which they are btw. and some reptiles do in fact give live birth such as some rattlesnakes and garter snakes
second, if having a beak and laying eggs makes something a reptile then an octopus and a squid are both reptiles...?
I think the dinosaur you're talking about is a pterosaur, which didn't have a beak and its wings were far from bat-like. unless you're talking about archaeopteryx which had feathers and flew but is neither a bird nor a reptile. dinosaurs have their own classification.
and last but not least, birds are in no way reptiles as can be seen by the fact that they are warm-blooded, lay hard-shelled eggs as opposed to leathery shells, have hollow bones, have a heart with a different number of chambers, have a completely different metabolism, and half a dozen other things.

  nature_girl_08  |  14

oops. XD i see that 226 said birds weren't reptiles, not dinosaurs. in which case, you're right, they're not technically reptiles. but the rest of my statement stands for everyone else

By  goober675  |  0

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  gymyboy95  |  0

sorry most don't but if your a bird your a bird not a mammal just like a reptiles not a mammal or an amphibian bird is genre so to speak just like mammal

  rattusrattus  |  18

"My parents are amazingly wise, wonderfully benevolent, utterly sane, gloriously tolerant, delightfully intelligent and practically perfect in every way. FML"

Yeah, not gonna happen.

  white16sox  |  19

Well it could be like
"Today I got in an argument with my mother because she said aligators are reptiles. I'm an alligator hunter and I didn't know that FML"