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  Shadow_Phantom  |  26

Also, to specify I know not all of you are crazy like the OP's mother.

Just... sometimes I think a lot of people are alive only because it's simply illegal to kill them. >_o

  jwade11  |  12

My father is kind of like this. He believes everything in the bible is accurate information and everything I say otherwise is bs. There are many similar stories like the ones in the bible. Stories that other religions have come up with. It seems like every religion is basically teaching along the same lines minus some little details here and there. It's hard to know what is actually true. But going off the bible 100% and disregarding any other information is ignorant.

  effedml  |  5

Key phrase: "as long as no one..." The problem is that someone WILL & it'll all fall apart after that. Better to just refrain from religious debates & respect that people will believe whatever they want.

  FunnyGuy5051  |  7

I think people believe what they want to, so if they can live forever by worshiping some god/Jesus than they will, I just hate people who push their beliefs on me since I'm atheist

By  DjeePee  |  24

Ah, my parents are the same, so I can feel your pain. The best thing you can do, is simply avoid (theo)logical discussions. She probably will not give up her ideas, you probably will not give up yours, so it's a pointless fight. Just avoid it.

(I'm wondering how long it will take before this FML will be deactivated))

By  Dante178  |  8

Gotta love Christians - any person who has the ability of critical thinking and able to distinguish between fantasy & reality - is automatically either WRONG or influenced by the devil...