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Today, I finally landed a new job, and thinking he would be proud, I told my boyfriend. Instead of congratulating me, he got mad that my work hours include Saturday, his laundry day. FML
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Laurenlou 24

Tell him to get off his ass and do the laundry himself! Psh.


Saturday is also the day OP is supposed to be in the kitchen.

Just make him a sandwich. He'll shut up.

what is this "laundry day" you speak of?

do I get brownie points for being a guy and doing my own laundry/dishes?

gunmania0 12

17-WTF? I really hope that you're being sarcastic. if not then I feel bad for those around you.

chaoticxxxmess 3

Nope, don't you have a robot that does that for you?

coffeygirl12 14

He needs to change his laundry day...not that hard to figure out.

KiddNYC1O 20

21- The only thing she does to thread is jack it.

Tell him your not his mother your his gf make him get it right

Jaimegirl 7

He probably wants you to make him a "sammich" on his laundry day too...

X_Codes 11

He needs to do his own laundry.

He's just saying that. He's really upset because you won't have time to make him sandwiches.

jake1632 9

Can't blame a man for not wanting to do laundry.

leadman1989 15

Yes and his name is Bender. He bends my clothes nice and neat after he washes and dries them. :)

jellitonoctopus 19
ChiFan96 3

Now who will make his sandwiches?

I'd tell him to either change his attitude or he's going to be changed

Sure 19, take some points for not being a sexist chauvinist pig. Here's a few more if you haven't mugged a small child lately.

*insert stereotypical sexist female joke here*

soccer1416 0

He is an asshole you should break up with him!!!!

Majstr 23

Nah, he will get used to it.

That doesn't necessarily make him an asshole. Just immature.

he's a guy he shouldnt have to do his laundry thats why women were made

# 4 your so right he's upset with her so obviously they need to break up! Seriously people....

LOLbomb 1

"Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because I can't do my own laundry." Seriously? This guy is stubborn, but why is it your first instinct to call him an "asshole" and suggest she break up with him? smh There's no such thing as a perfect partner. Get over it.

Jammy01jams 2

So this is why people break up and divorce after a few months into a relationship... People in this generation effing moronic idiots incapable of humour or slight anger/sadness. People deal with your problems.. Jesus I feel like a relationship coach except it's not helping.

22cute 17

Um, look folks, #4 is right. His behavior is dangerously manipulative and controlling He should have been proud of the OP. It's not just about laundry or whatever. She needs to dump him & avoid men like that. So should you all!

Laurenlou 24

Tell him to get off his ass and do the laundry himself! Psh.

Exactly, and now that we're making progress OP's boyfriend can make his own sandwiches.

WAIT!! If we can make sandwiches, then what are women for?

Creating credit card debts for you :D (and yes, I'm a woman, for anyone who thinks I'm being sexist)

gunmania0 12

He needs to change his laundry day! How inconvenient OP.

Yup, your job is more important than his laundry. He needs to find a time when you're not working.

every1luvsvag 10

He needs his laundry done, girl.

Yeah, he's got two hands and legs. He should get his lazy ass off the couch, stop playing black ops and get something done

yadisingh 5

This made me laugh so hard because I took it as a joke. If it's not, then you're an asshole.

shane27 0

I do my laundry sunday night

abcstanley 0

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sxe_beast 11

Or get a housekeeper :D! Housekeepers FTW.

LOLbomb 1

Why? They're two halves of the same household. Would you rather mow the lawn?

Do you do everything for him? If he can't be happy for you then forget him! If a man is old enough for a girlfriend hes old enough to do his own laundry. Seriously how hard is it to do laundry?