By Anonymous - 14/07/2013 19:37 - Brazil - Campinas

Today, while mourning my friend's recent passing, my dad told me to shut the fuck up because "worse things are going on in the world". FML
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Dallasluver19 14

Death is the worse thing that can happen.


Damian95 16

OP's father's attitude is one of those things.

Yeah, OP should ask her dad if she too should suck it up when he passes away, just because!

27, OP is a male, but other than that, you're right. Sorry OP, your father is a major douche, and sorry about your friend. Stay strong.

That was really inconsiderate of your dad.. I know how it feels to lose someone you truly care about and honestly I would rather endure any other torture than lose someone close to my heart. I'm sorry for your loss, OP..

Brightbulb 39

OP's gender is noted in the FML's information bar. And what does the gender have to do with anything?

nightowl713 25

I recently lost a loved one, I wasnt even a functioning adult during the first two weeks, and still haven't returned to normal. I probably won't ever. That being said, while awful things are happening in the world that may effect us as human beings, most of the time they aren't personable. Feeling sympathy for those going through hard times, and actually going through it are completely different. So it may seem selfish to an outsider because to them it may as well be a crisis over seas. But for you, having an important person in your life taken away is a BIG deal, for YOU. And that is all that matters. Mourn, be angry, ask why.. It's normal, healthy, and definitely not selfish. I'm sorry for your loss, from one un-selfish human being to another.

jedorr07 5

kick your dad in the shin. when he complains, tell him to suck it up.

What a dick.theres nothing worse than losing a loved one, and that's why what's going on in the world is so devastating. Out of control issues that end up killing hundreds of people over ridiculous things. Loved ones are dying all over..

Dallasluver19 14

Death is the worse thing that can happen.

pheebs314 17

No. Its not. Its the most finite thing that can happen though.

Dallasluver19 14

Yes, Asshole. It is. Please, tell me what's worse than death.

Sitting in a 1by 1 metre room. You are strapped to the chair. No human contact for 2 years and your food being given to you through a chute. The only thing you have for company is a bunch of Justin Biebr cds playing on an infinite loop 24/7.

MrSarcasmic 10

some forms of torture, rape, the holocaust, nuking a nation because you're at war .......

Torture is basically slow death, the holocaust was mass dealings of death, nuking nations causes large amounts of death and the main goal of war is to cause death. Most of what you described is death, buddy.

mcaisse77 17
CharresBarkrey 15

Death is the only thing in the world you can be certain about.

No, torture is the extreme physical abuse of the human body, which can lead to death. Death is seen as a way out for many people being tortured so they embrace it. Torture is not death, death is death.

As for the holocaust, I'm pretty sure he meant the emotional part of it. The knowledge that you and your kind is being hunted and tortured for no other reason than your race, group, etc. To some, this is worse than death. Same with "Nuking a nation". The shock you go through and all the traumatic experiences which can lead to mental issues can be worse than death. And no, Idiot, the main reason for war is conquest and the desire to own more and rule over more. Or to defend what is yours.

Brightbulb 39

Surviving when many others beside you did not. I can tell you from experience that I would prefer to have died in a few of my mates' place. Living can often, sadly, be a fate much worse then death. At least those who have passed no longer carry the demons and burdens that only terrible situations can create.

I disagree #2, there are much worse things than death.

jedorr07 5

#29 not all who are tortured die. even then, wouldn't you rather die without being tortured. holocaust involved many deaths, but concentration camps were worse. Nuking kills people, but the fallout afterwards would be worse. Think about all sides before posting naive statements.

Being beheaded. Torture and death put together.

Hell is. But then again, that isn't in this world.

@42 I know this is a bit Riddikulus, but your comment Lumos Maxima'd my day.

While researching my family tree I found out a member of my family a couple of hundred years ago tortured his son by feeding him only salted beef and no water. He died of dehydration a few days in.

highclasssnegro 9

Doing a poo in a public loo then realising theres no toilet roll is probably up there.

For 2 years i could probly do it noing that you will never get out until you die that would make me want to die

imkool136 22

What's worse then death is watching a loved one suffer through agonizing pain before a slow painful death. What's worse then death you say? The slow painful last days as someone is fighting cancer and there is no way for them to beat it. What's worse then death you ask? Watching my family suffer. I'd rather have them pass earlier then having to suffer through hell.

imtooshy 18

Your dad is an insensitive goof. So sorry about your friend OP.

Argh, just because there is someone elsewhere who may have it worse than you, doesn't mean your problems are irrelevant!

olpally 32

Excuse me? What's worse than one of your good friends dying besides your close relatives? What an asshole.

perdix 29

#5, the Glee dude dying, the George Zimmerman verdict, global climate change, Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber's monkey troubles and the Lone Ranger movie. Now that I've put things in their proper perspective, don't you feel better?

olpally 32

No, I feel worse.. And don't mention that singers name again ;(

Dictatorships, needless hunger, needless war, Hitler, Nazism, terrorism, Justin Bieber, nukes, an alien popping out of your chest, Justin Bieber...

perdix 29

#33, you refer to him as a "singer," or were you referring to George Zimmerman?

olpally 32

The girl bieber and Zimmerman is a tool bag. Stop!!! Lol :/

Why must you need to add Justin Bieber, he's like any other troubled kid out there, just because he's famous and let his arrogance and money get to him doesn't mean he is just as bad as Hitler and such. It's not like he's killing the world, he's human and all this hate must have gotten to him at some point.. I don't like him so don't say I'm a fanboy or anything, it's just the fact that people act as if he isn't human, as if instead of a stupid teenager, he is some devil who should die. Where is the empathy, sorry for the rant once again.

The fact that you said all this in honor of Justin Bieber didn't help you much #56.

Did you not notice how I called him troubled, arrogant, and let the hateful media get to him? Doesn't mean I adore or despise him.

At least you feel emotion. What an insensitive prick.

MzZombicidal 36

I'm so sorry for your loss, OP. I'm also sorry that you're stuck with a douchebag of a dad. I hope you have someone you CAN talk to, though...

Tell him to shut the f*ck up because he's one of the worse things going on in the world

Your dad is a prick. Sorry op for your loss and the family's loss.

Your daddy has no heart. I'm sorry for your loss OP. Mourn (and if yiu have to, cry) all you need to cause it makes you feel better and it's not healthy to keep all that stuff in.