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Today, I won employee of the month. I was then fired for being late. FML
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At least you got employee of the month.


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At least you got employee of the month.

treasure the moment you won the award. because from here on you will be giving bjs to get a meal.

Yes at least you worked extra hard for nothing. I was also employee of the month. Completely ruined my lazy slob image. Until they realized it was a mistake. The damage was done though. Had to leave because people started expecting things to get done.

Put that Employee of the Month junk on your resume. I'm sure it will help you procure another job.

A good way to plan it is "If you're not 10 minutes early, you're late." (Thanks for the brainwashing, Army!)

is it time for a pun? yay I made a rhyme. ps theres an affliction which uhh well afflicts people called chronic lateness. I personally have been suffering with it for many moons.

I agree Mamamia, its an illness. I am actually late to college right now. I'm on the bus for all you douchebags that want to comment "Why you on FML" blahh blahh...

It is not at all an illness. The issue is people that are late all the time are just lazy *****. It is so simple. Go to bed earlier and get up for work/school with enough time to make it before being considered late. So easy.

lol I do it all the time and I'm usually still late >.>. I'm 5min late to work so many times >.< and like 10min late for college. *sighs*

What's missing from this post is that OP was three hours late on a day he was supposed to be training a new employee and attend an important meeting with the regional manager, but came in way too hung over from still celebrating the Employee of the Month award he earned 7 months ago.

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I would say WTF, and throw a squirrel with aids on the boss.

Sounds like an internet tough guy, a delusional one at that. You like other people would whimper most likely and kiss ass for that job back. Not even going to bother with the rest of that post.

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it was just a I would really do that lol

being late = bad. like with that girl you ****** last month with the hairy arm pits who smelled like cabbage. bad.

You pay way too much for a bottle of Heineken. Unless the server is hot.

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It's not really her. Freeze did some searching and found that picture online.

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Whether mad is even a chick is questionable.

look it is me I'm a bikini model and my pics got posted on google for advertising...but why wud u guys search it up ?? I guess u all have no lives

You have a problem with us having no lives ma'am? At least we are happy and don't complain about someone else's life. Also, don't try and pull the troll off, you're cornered.

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If you won employee of the month, I assume you hadn't been late before, or at least not for a long time. Why would you be fired for it now? Being late repeatedly I would get, but I don't think that would be the case.