By demideity - 08/12/2015 06:30 - Canada - New Westminster

Today, I went to get minor surgery done. I have anxiety and a phobia of needles, so they gave me laughing gas. It gave me a panic attack. FML
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demideity tells us more.

OP here. I couldn't post for the longest time as I was having a problem authenticating my account. Anyways, I looked up the symptoms for anxiety vs panic attack. While I have general anxiety, I do indeed get panic attacks as well. My symptoms mostly match up with a panic attack.

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Pretty soon they're going to have to result to knocking you out with a coconut.


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Sometimes you just can't win. Here's to a quick recovery!

i had a nervous breakdown when my dentist gave me laughing gas. .I feel your pain op

Yes, let's avoid the doctors and surgery to help fix whatever's wrong with OP...splendid idea!

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That sounds exactly how I'd react too, op. I'm scared to death of being put under. that's the reason that I'm 23 years old and still have my wisdom teeth.

But you don't need to be "put under" for wisdom teeth? It's usually just a small local anesthesia?

some dentists refuse to put anyone under. even if there are cases that would definitly call for it.

#8 im so glad i was put under for mine. They were impacted and they had to break them under my gums.

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Wondering if your dentist was The Joker...

Pretty soon they're going to have to result to knocking you out with a coconut.

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More like for the incorrect fact. Panic attacks have triggers as well. For the sake of humanity, please research before you spew false shit.

Well she's right it was most likely and anxiety attack being that it was directly caused by the anxiety of her taking the laughing gas.

Maybe it was technically an anxiety attack. But still doesn't make it true that panic attacks "don't have triggers" that's completely false.