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Today, my best friend became my ex-best friend. I have finally gotten over the guy she stole from me a year ago and have developed a crush on another guy. My best friend called me today to tell me that she broke up with the first guy and is now going out with my current crush. FML
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Did she know you were in love with the other guy? If so, it's good she's not your best friend now. You deserve better.

YDI for still considering her your best friend after the first time


Did she know you were in love with the other guy? If so, it's good she's not your best friend now. You deserve better.

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so many ppl like that in the world.

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i dont see what the best friend did wrong. She didnt steal the op's bf or anything she just made a move before she did.

because best friends arnt supposed to go out with a guy that the other likes. but I'm guessing you've done it to your friends, asshole.

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maybe she didnt know. If the op never made a move and never told her best friend how is it her fault?

I kno did she tell her best friend that she had the crushes? or is the best friend supposed to be psycic?

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ur right she should of made a move first come on she did it already what's going to stop her next time

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no kidding. glad she's no friend anymore. live

I kno right.? she should do something about instead of complaining about it

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You mean can't she keep a guy

#1 - apparently she can, it's the OP who can't ...

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why dont you pretend to be crushing on some guy you DONT like? she will move to take him and youll be left alone with guys you do like. then learn to MAKE A MOVE

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or a *****? op deserves it A. for being a coward B. for being friends w a ***** lmfao

I actually think that the OP is being a baby.

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dich that bich and get some good friends

have you consitered going out with the first guy now that she left him?

It's still way wrong to go out with your best friends crush

YDI for still considering her your best friend after the first time

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Aren't best friends, especially girls, supposed to tell each other their crushes and swear not to like the same guy? I smell insecurity on the ex-best friend and stupidity for the OP.

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jeez is she just trying to ruin your life! some 'best friend'.

Ruin her life? God, you're not overdramatic at all.

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I can totally relate to you OP, I have an ex best friend who stole not 1, but 4 guys away from me.

She knew for your new crush? What a bitch... I doubt she even likes him, it looks more she did that intentionally to hurt you...

Oh please, it's just a crush. Move the **** on.

agreed, if you take forever to make a move ydi

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Heartless bastards! That was her best friend! What if your best friend did that to you?! I'd like to see you move the f*ck on!

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having a crush on someone doesn't make them yours

100% true. It's stupid to suggest let alone try to act on a "rule" that states you can't be with someone that your friend likes for that reason alone. OP is trying to stand in the way of her friend's happiness when it's quite likely that the guys involved are actually her type too.

Agreed. If you two are similar enough to be best friends, it's not unheard of that you have similar tastes. Even if you told her you liked him (which I doubt because you seem like the type that would have mentioned it), you don't know that she doesn't genuinely like him too and maybe did before you. Besides, what if the guy doesn't like you but likes her? Is she supposed to skip a chance at love because you're crushing? Get over it and don't lose what you got because of what you can't have.

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EXACTLY. You weren't dating the guy, and it sounds like you weren't really dating the first one. Close friends often have similar taste in guys. I had 2 best friends in high school, one of them liked the same guy I did. We were both crazy about him for over 4 years, and guess what? Our other best friend ended up dating him! In fact they were dating while she and I were college roommates. Can't speak for my other friend, but I personally got over it. Why should your friend not be allowed to date someone you like? By the same rules YOU wouldn't be allowed to date him either, so why not let the poor guy date whomever he chooses? The timing stinks, and I'm sure it does suck for you, but unless she obviously did it on purpose (doubtful), stop being so self-absorbed, and if you are going to be the one to let it ruin your friendship then she is probably better off without you...

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Did she know that you liked them though? It doesn't say that she KNEW you did..

This has happened to me before. women are catty :( haha

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are you saying her best friends j*****? so thats what happened. Hitler had a crush on a girl, and his best friend Hans Goldstien stole her?

"fool me once shame on you" "fool me twice shame on me" think about that u deserved it for giving her a second chance as a friend

That's not true buddy.. Imagine a world without second chances. That would mean that no one would ever make up. Besides, you tend to forgive "close" friends more often, unfortunately.

"fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on you again" "i have no shame gland where most peoples shame gland is i have a second awesome gland, true story"

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awesome I laughed really hard, true story.