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  Blame_The_Dog  |  0

no. Not at all.
How did this even get past the moderators?
I have worse FMLs when I wake up in the middle of the night to the smell of my dog farting.
Get at me bitch!

  Blame_The_Dog  |  0

I get moderated for making fun of moderators?
But none of them reply to my comments! Pfft, nerds.

Anyway, this isn't an FML, you're just not cool and got embarrased by a queer on a moped.

  itchyballs  |  0

if it worries you so much that a random queer made fun of u; then cut off your left testicle, march in the gay pride parade, wear rainbow thongs, and then maybe just maybe he will think your a little cooler and un f$c& your sad life.

  Massdebater  |  1

ha!! I'm sorry but an old man in pink flip flops on a purple moped sounds so fucking cool. so yes, you are a loser

also no10 are you serious?! where CAN'T you get a purple moped?

  devilyy  |  2

Hey no worries,he was probably trying to impress the ladies.I know I would've checked him out while he was riding his cool moped in flip-flops.You just can't resist,that's just too hot :P :P

  owneditup  |  0

learn to read, the old man had flip-flops and a purple moped... and did you honestly think after reading an FML posting the fml again in comments was a good idea?