By cooldude - 01/07/2010 15:19 - United States

Today, I got called a "loser" by an old man wearing pink flip-flops and riding a purple moped. FML
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old men with pink flip flops that ride purple mopeds are the most badass people ever. don't ness with them if you value your life


where can you get a purple moped? but anyways you must be a loser then. :/

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OMG FYL!! no. Not at all. How did this even get past the moderators? I have worse FMLs when I wake up in the middle of the night to the smell of my dog farting. Get at me bitch!

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I guess it's time for you to go back in the attic

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hahaha yeahh it is a good pic, maybe not the best one ever but yeah(:

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Are you trying to imply there's something wrong with an old man wearing, pink flip flops and driving a purple moped? Lol.

18- you look like Chelsea ( from Chelsea Lately) and Posh combined

oops my bad no you don't. idk why I said that. I think this other # 18 does tho

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I get moderated for making fun of moderators? But none of them reply to my comments! Pfft, nerds. Anyway, this isn't an FML, you're just not cool and got embarrased by a queer on a moped.

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To pedobear, you are the loser.

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if it worries you so much that a random queer made fun of u; then cut off your left ********, march in the gay pride parade, wear rainbow thongs, and then maybe just maybe he will think your a little cooler and un f$c& your sad life.

And the dirt become like the Jew... There's always one notch lower on the totem pole

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ha!! I'm sorry but an old man in pink flip flops on a purple moped sounds so ******* cool. so yes, you are a loser also no10 are you serious?! where CAN'T you get a purple moped?

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I couldn't agree more with #43 haha.

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Who cares what a random person says that you'll probabaly never see again?

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Why didn't you push him off and steal that moped! Mopeds are awesome!

to everyone who is wondering what caused the old man to say this; the op was wearing purple flip flops and driving a pink moped

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you know you're DEFINATLY a loser when....

the color of the mans flip flops and moped is not a factor here... you just really must be a loser.

You weren't wearing teal Crocs while riding a mauve moped were you? Because he would have some justification.

Nah. Old people are honery(sp?) plus they smell bad. Add a moped into the equation and it's old bastard bliss!!

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Lol, at first I thought you meant to say horny but I guess what you're trying to say is ornery. :P

how is this an fml? someone that you will probably never see again called you a loser. get over it

finally some recognition!! :P thanks heartbreakher...

agreed... if the guy was that much of a loser, just get over it. geez.

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u shouldve pushed him off the moped. haha jk! just seemed like a funny image... but rlly. that's not that bad. funny I suppose, but not rlly ****** up.

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lmfaooo 17- you totally failed that jump =p

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Nothing says pride like riding a purple moped in pink flip flops.

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hahaha well you can't blame him if he has a purple moped

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even more special now you're talking to me 106. I was just thinking to myself about how I was craving your input...

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Hey no worries,he was probably trying to impress the ladies.I know I would've checked him out while he was riding his cool moped in flip-flops.You just can't resist,that's just too hot :P :P

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mann dont dis the old man. hes pimpin

never seen so Many comments moderated

90- Ty I do believe you are correct.

171- I am now going to buy flip flops and a moped. Thanx. 

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116: nope I cleared it(: chyeah=p

thats awesome, op met possibly the biggest winner ever

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your momma moderated this comment

learn to read, the old man had flip-flops and a purple moped... and did you honestly think after reading an FML posting the fml again in comments was a good idea?

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34 do u purposly take a picture from that height to show off your ****?

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Wow, you must really be a loser then. Simple logic.

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wow what made him call u a loser? that's pretty sad

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ugh your grammar sucks and I agree with the old man...

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shoulda pushed him off and ran like hell

old men with pink flip flops that ride purple mopeds are the most badass people ever. don't ness with them if you value your life

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You should have got off his lawn. Loitering is NOT cool.

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heh.... thats funny. what did u do that caused this man to call you a loser??? lol i love old people xD