By jane smith - 01/07/2010 12:11 - Australia

Today, it was my boyfriend's birthday, and I thought I'd surprise him after work by wearing nothing but a smile on his bed. As I heard someone come in, I had a huge smile on my face. Turns out it was his dad and all his friends. FML
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texassmile05 0

Ha-ha. I bet you made their day!!! 

ArtIsResistance7 1

Damn! I bet that was fun on the bun.


ArtIsResistance7 1

Damn! I bet that was fun on the bun.

M13LO 0

well I'm sure they all had smiles on their faces to

jennnnrawr 0

fun on the bun? well i guess that works...

fakeking2 0

ur smart >.>

itchyballs 0

why would you wear a smile costume? I'm not an expert but that does not seem very sexy to me

I got this. one dick in the mouth, two In each nostrils, two hands for each chest balls, four in the pussy two in the butthole and above it all your boyfriends get to come and watch. a bit too crude, I know.

Don't drop the soap...

eazyeeze 0

#17-beautiful diagram. I shed a tear and a sperm

Dear penthouse forum, walked in on my sons hot gf. naked and smiling.... jackpot!!

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Invite some of your girlfriends and have some fun? ;D

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

gangbang, ftw

haaa why would you be naked in your bf's house if his dad and friends were home?

RyanG_21 0

hahahaha #20 = win

White_Fury 0

hahahaha dad ftw!

no1 the answer is X=8

Kiill3rQu33n16 0

orgyyyy!!!! :) haa. ydi for wearin nothin but a smile.

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devilyy 2

Oh yeah you surprised someone,just not your boyfriend :P I bet that "huge smile" went away in a second after his dad came in the room :P

dear OP, can you please teach my gf to be like you :/ if she did something like that I'd probably have a heartache from the shock

s2000lover 0

pics or it didn't happen :)

I like how no one pointed this up coming flaw out.... How could you not hear multiple people coming? I'm pretty sure all of them were completely silent.

abcdefghijKayla 0

I love how, when you press the ydi button, it says "yeah, way to show em!"

why would his dad and all his friends walk in to his sons bedroom?

stewpididiot 11

and bulges in their pants too. BOIIINNG!!!!!

justin769 0

damn ur hot!!

I agree with 85 and not just because he's hott!!

Iowa123 0

17- You're sick. And NOT in the good way... that's really disgusting.

is nobody going to mention the Futurama reference here?

I hope like hell that u were in the kitchen

why would the bed be in the kitchen??

LMFAOwned 9

Lmfao #14 FTW

LMFAOwned 9

lololololol scratch that..... #20 FTW!

you were like a buffet :) dig in boys !!!

Soooooo, you mistook your one guy for a stampede of men? :| FYL for being a MASSIVE retard.

texassmile05 0

Ha-ha. I bet you made their day!!! 

956TXking 0

cougar alert^^

quit stalking peoples profiles you paedofile

iamchuck 0

I bet his dad encourages him to marry you!!!

lol! damned right chuck!!

MudPuddleMica 0

ROFL!!! You made me laugh almost as hard as the fml did =]

scooter69 0

#84 you're Hott!!

justin769 0

#86 I agree

PimpdaddyCJT 13

time to go family style

littlemissdqgirl 8


oh. noes!!! pfft I say OH YES!

LauraTheKiwi 0

LOL. poor you ;)

come on ride the train.. and ride it.. choo-choo!!

pics or it didn't happen.

FFML_314 11

You're in a library, with a suit on and a snowman on your head, where do you live?

call me a dork but those shelves sure look like a barnes and noble bool store lol

That pic was taken in a B&N in Colorado Springs, CO but I live in Vegas now.

66 lives in Vegas because CO couldn't handle him.

BAHAHA I bet that was SO awkward. o.O