By Anonymous - 01/03/2012 16:37 - New Zealand

Today, I missed an important phone call. It's been so long since someone has called me that I didn't recognize my own ringtone. FML
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OP "where's that music coming from? Ugh, so annoying! Why won't it stop? Oh, good it stopped." picks up phone to play FarmVille..."%*^€#!"

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I clicked on you. No, you're not.


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Hopefully they left a message, but since it's on here I'm guessing they didn't, so hopefully they call back!

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I clicked on you. No, you're not.

Ladies and gentleman we have found the forever alone girl.

I believe the original forever alone girl would be the worlds first cat lady.

How would she be alone when she has all them cats??

Guys this is a repost from 2009 I remember reading it before and I saw it a couple months ago on the random section. FML should have filters to these type of things

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9-You can have different ringtones on a land line?

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Some landlines do have different ringers. I know I've had quite a few with a variety of ringers.

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I believe they call it a cellphone

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I know what a rotary phone is, and I didn't use google or any other Internet site and I'm 26. Not everyone is that uninformed.

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I'm 14 and I know what a rotary phone is...

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I'm 22 and I have no idea how this went from a stupid suggestion of turning the phone to vibrate to something about bewbs? Wtf is that?

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Sad face...that sucks...I've been there before though. Maybe the important phone call was to tell you that your phone hasn't been working right, lolz.

"Sad face"... So how is botox effecting your daily life? You know, besides having to state what emotion your face would be doing.

Yes 72, because I'm sure the 23 year old man has Botox -.-'

Complaining about your lack of social interactions on the Internet won't get you anywhere.

I'm pretty sure the internet was invented for people with no social lives.

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Didn't you know that its bad to bite your nails?

It wasn't, but it's become the escape for many people of that category, #40.

Same here, I don't know what my ringtone is, it is always on vibrate, besides, you should get out more...

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I don't see why this comment got thumbed down. I agree with this person.

OP "where's that music coming from? Ugh, so annoying! Why won't it stop? Oh, good it stopped." picks up phone to play FarmVille..."%*^€#!"

Jeesh, who talks on phones nowadays!? All that matters is that you know your text ringtone!

Aww awesome! I'm glad you think so! Seriously, because all I think about is wanting everyone to think I'm cool. It's really all I care about!

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how stupid the comment above mine is.

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How stupid the comment above mine is. 2 can play that game.

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But I continued your comment, whereas you only posted a sentence fragment.

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So you've been paying an expensive phone bill on a phone that you don't use or even recognize??....... Interesting.....

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They could text and just not talk on the phone...and who said it was expensive there are some phones you can pay for minutes as you go along.

84, when you start paying for it yourself, you'll realize they are ALL expensive.

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Not f your plans so old is still $30 for unlimited everything :D. It's called grandfathering your plan mine doesnt actually web exist anymore that's what they told me so if I try to change it I'll lose my unlimited since they don't do that anymore but I still can get new phones

I'm using an iPhone and I pay 35 a month. If you think that's expensive, how about getting a real job? All you whack 17 year olds with Blackberries paying for data plans LOL