By battle1 - 17/07/2015 11:00 - United States - Marietta

Today, my best friend told me he masturbates to my Instagram page. Thanks, I guess. FML
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I'm thinking your best friend may want to be a little more than just buddies.

brendejafulable 41

Maybe you have a very provocative page.


brendejafulable 41

Maybe you have a very provocative page.

DisturbedSRT8 17

That's less of a compliment and more a creepy way of flirting. I doubt anyone in their right mind would ever consider something like that a compliment. What OP's best friend said is teetering on the edge of sexual harassment and not something anyone wants to hear from someone they consider a good friend.

Maybe a little more then "teetering"on the edge...

anthony_Calderon 15

That is qualified as sexual harassment. There is no teetering with this one

oakcrush 16

Change your picture to Justin Bieber and see if he still does it, I doubt he will

Direct your captions at him I'm sure he will appreciate it XD

bigggaaa 3

can I get a copy of the photo

And me too! I need it for umm, research.

I'll be the judge of that. :) What's your Instagram username OP??