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  RinoaHeartilly  |  36

Service dogs typically have a vest on when they're working. Even if that wasn't the case this time, a pet owner has every right to tell people not to touch their animal.

  Gibbsy326  |  6

The dog's attention needs to be on their owner and the surrounding to be prepared for something that may trigger (emotionally or physically) their owner or to respond quickly if something begins to happen with their owner. Petting the dog is a distraction.

  bluejello2001  |  17

"All dogs deserve to be petted!"
Yes, they do. By people they are comfortable being petted by. I'm not going to force my dogs to let someone pet them if she's trying to back away. That's just cruel.
And anyone who tries to pet my dachshund without her permission is likely to lose a finger. She does not like to be handled by anyone other than family and one specific vet tech.

By  Emily Hill  |  9

I'm so sorry op some people don't understand that a service dog is meant to help the owner my cousin little girl has one as she has epilepsy and could have a seizure during classes I be pissed if someone called her that