By Courtney - 28/06/2011 02:10 - United States

Today, I couldn't figure out what was worse: accidentally dropping my car keys into the bottom of a filthy park lake, or getting a fishhook through my toenail in an attempt to retrieve them. FML
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definitely the toenail

cudi504 4

definitely the fish hook through the toenail *shudder*


definitely the toenail

Trupe 3

agreed. doubt you have a spare toe.

Agreed. Sorry OP D: hope your alright!

darkch0colate 0

i disagree with the above statements.

I disagree with your disagreement.

I suppose this is why people wear shoes

It might have went through OP's shoe.

then that's no longer a fish hook but a spear if it can penetrate the shoe and op's toe

Gross2332 0

Ouch OP Toe's the worst yikes well u can always get another spare of keys but ur toes ouch now that's a pain.

KingGeorgeGal 12

Depends, are you more worried about your safety or your money?

38- Or OP took off his/her shoes because OP didn't want their shoes to get wet.

obviously da keys because then if that wouldnt have happened then the toenail wouldnt have happened

well atleast you got your keys back..

36- sandals/flip flops.

blanquito 1

I wouldn't wear my shoes in a dirty lake..

KingGeorgeGal 12

I didn't mean to comment that-__- & I do not know how to delect it.

try delete button

MrFlintstone 5

hows op gonna get to the hospital for some anti bacterial shots if he lost his car keys

TheRealBruce 12

Oh noo I hope y'all is okay that sounds like a tragedy I hope y'all found your keys.

I'm definitely gonna have to say the hook through the toenail sounds worst. It made me wince just thinking about it and you're gonna have a hell of a time getting it out. But the keys... That sucks, too. FYL :|

Is it wrong I pictured #108 saying that in the gay voice....

78, Umm I doubt op really got her keys back... I don't know about you but a fish hook gping through my toe would kind of stop me from worrying about my keys. But thats just me

116 you're not the only one

Theres no nerve endings in the toenail, so, this hurt as much as a pedicure? Keys in the lake wins

129, i doubt it. The way I'm picturing it is like the hook goig under the nail and lifting it, just the thought of it is painful or, it could be like cutting your toenail to short.

PopRocks14 0

This FML made me cringe :/

116 - Naaaw... I totally did that, too.

one time I was at a beach swimming n a hook got caught da bottom of my toe it went in n came out so my foot was hook dey had to cut it out my toe

ohjessica 11

OUCH. Sorry, Op. /:

the toenail part sounds painful.....FYL OP

I'm still wondering if the OP got her keys back.

Denikk 0

How does one lose his keys on the bottom of a lake? It's not like the bottom is 2 feet away fron the edge...

I wonder if OP eventually got the car keys back...

ow fuck! no seriously OW FUCK!

that today actually happend. thats worse.

cudi504 4

definitely the fish hook through the toenail *shudder*

Gangster picture!!!..

MissAimeeAngel 15

I agree, totally gangster; quite badass. Lol.

Ugh put a shirt on. I don't have an astounding physique but GOOD LORD! Even pedobear would run!

cudi504 4

thanks guys iv been working on my beach bod

oh daaaaaaaaayum its Peter Griffin

KingGeorgeGal 12

Oh damnnnn whattttsss your nummbba.

4- your description seriously made me cry with laughter. That and the picture xD

dancerNsinger4li 0

i was gonna comment abt the pic until i read the profile. lmao


morganxangela 0

whatsss youurrr nummbbaa?(:

TexasCountryFan 0

that's some funny stuff right there hahaha

ewe toes I mean hum:p

ok slow down and begin trolling a bit slower mkay?

kballer13 0

did you get the car keys though?

She probably stopped at the point a fish hook painfully drove its way into her toenail...

They're both equally terrible. FYL.

It would just complete the FML if she didn't haha

You Are Really Damn Cute!

xangelcutiexx 0

You look sooo much like Selena Gomez !!

Oh dear sorry OP!

The car keys because you can't drive yourself to the hospital or at least back to your house

Plan B: Use a NET. And see what other goodies you can catch with it, dirty fish hooks and all.

amazinggbaby 2

Because she would be carrying a net around with her, right?

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

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65, really?! I would buy it but you didn't leave a number! Now I'm gonna miss the offer and I have a fishing trip this afternoon!