By ChelseaRae - United States
Today, I was flipping through a magazine and saw an ad that had the line "No corn, no wheat, no soy", all of which I'm severely allergic to. I got so excited at the prospect of having a food I could eat, I fell out of my chair. I then realized it was an ad for dog food. FML
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12- I'm allergic to chocolate! never heard of anybody else!! how did you kick it? though it's really not a bad allergy. chocolate is easy to avoid, even if it is so delicious. it's not in everything like corn, wheat, and soy.


37 - I was allergic to chocolate up until I was about 8, then it went away. The doctor said I either outgrew it or just ate so much of it that my body built up a tolerance. I absolutely love chocolate so it was terrible for me :P Go see an allergist if you're really concerned about getting over it. I wish you luck kicking your allergy 37!

By  lydiakj  |  1

Not really. Wheat, corn and soy are in a LOT of foods, it would be awful to have all three of those allergies. Also, I hope someday you, #1, can be excited about proper grammar.

  TheCountess  |  4

Karmarebel, you have such a cool username. It's a shame that it will constantly be overlooked due to your failure to compose articulate posts. = The effort to properly communicate a simple point like the one in your post is minimal, I assure you.

  CANNIBALx  |  0

I found Karma's post amusing and funny, even with the bad grammar. If you couldn't understand or comprehend what her comment said, then that's pretty sad on your part...