By ChelseaRae - 06/07/2011 05:11 - United States

Today, I was flipping through a magazine and saw an ad that had the line "No corn, no wheat, no soy", all of which I'm severely allergic to. I got so excited at the prospect of having a food I could eat, I fell out of my chair. I then realized it was an ad for dog food. FML
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Well, if you ever get desperately hungry ...

Just because it's for dogs doesn't mean it's inevitable.... Look at Shaggy and Scooby Snacks!


celiac sprue I'm guessing? yea that sucks I still don't see why you would get THAT excited though lol

I wish I too will get so excited over something one day that I fall out of my chair...

well you would be excited too if you know how it feels...

I know what it's like to feel excited like that cuz I can't eat wheat or soy ! but haaha that sucks..

I used to be allergic to chocolate o.O Now THAT was torture.

12- I'm allergic to chocolate! never heard of anybody else!! how did you kick it? though it's really not a bad allergy. chocolate is easy to avoid, even if it is so delicious. it's not in everything like corn, wheat, and soy.

37 - I was allergic to chocolate up until I was about 8, then it went away. The doctor said I either outgrew it or just ate so much of it that my body built up a tolerance. I absolutely love chocolate so it was terrible for me :P Go see an allergist if you're really concerned about getting over it. I wish you luck kicking your allergy 37!

Well dog food can't be that bad seeing how it's made of some of the stuff people eat.

Well, if you ever get desperately hungry ...

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Awe. You should search it if you want to eat something new so badly.

Just because it's for dogs doesn't mean it's inevitable.... Look at Shaggy and Scooby Snacks!

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I did know a girl who loved to eat her pups treats in high school.

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great example except that dog food probably doesn't come in a box that looks like a little kids coloring book...

how do you know that? have you checked?

just like that one FML about the lady eating bacon dog treats. they didn't hurt her and she liked them. so I think it's worth a try!

Almost everything has wheat in it. Ever read the ingredients?

Not really. Wheat, corn and soy are in a LOT of foods, it would be awful to have all three of those allergies. Also, I hope someday you, #1, can be excited about proper grammar.

Oooo do u have a dog at home....:fun speaking scientifically speaking:dog food can be eaten by human though it is labeled "Dog Food"

Karmarebel, you have such a cool username. It's a shame that it will constantly be overlooked due to your failure to compose articulate posts. = The effort to properly communicate a simple point like the one in your post is minimal, I assure you.

I found Karma's post amusing and funny, even with the bad grammar. If you couldn't understand or comprehend what her comment said, then that's pretty sad on your part...

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26, please refrain from calling the kettle black.

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Not really. Think of the options she actually has to eat.

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Then think of everything she can't eat. I mean she is extremely limited.