By BadGuyLuck - 25/02/2012 06:33 - United States

Today, I got asked out for the second time in my life. Since my first date didn't go so well I thought I might have better luck with a different guy. I had to end the date when he confessed it was his destiny to kill his father. FML
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blackheart24 10

Apparently OP's username is appropriate to her love life. Maybe raise your standards a little bit so you don't end up with a creep for a bf?

The_Troller 14

Black Mesa can eat my bankrupt-

You are complaining at th Star Wars reference? I ought to devour your soul.....

juicystar777 4

that is crazy! he's gonna be after you. my friend was in this situation once. you need to change your # because he's gonna be calling and sending you text messages non stop. it's like that movie "I know what you did last summer" or the aaahmazing show on ABC family "Pretty little liars." like the physco character "A" your date will always be watching. D:

hellbilly205 17

Atleast you had a date, while im over here forever alone.

60- Please tell me you are joking? I doubt that guy is going to do that, he'll be too busy murdering his father with a rusty drill.

In the words of great Yoda: "Date or date not, there is no friendzone."

What if his dad like, kidnapped his fiancé, raped his sister, and killed his mother! That sounds like a good plot for a movie or show xD.

b0ngs 7

60- you really dont help the blonde stereotype -_-

mr_torch91 1
juicystar777 4

say what you want, but it's better to be safe than sorry!

He is destined to kill his father and sleep with his mother, told by the oracle.

Great reference to one of the best tragedies ever.

104- her life seems like a blonde moment!!

More than a few people on here will not get the Oedipus reference

Can we all try to stop feeding the troll? I refuse to believe someone like that blonde girl is a real person.

The_Troller 14

Nobody seemed to get my Portal 2 reference.

zadie 6

So... was this date better or worse than the first one?

TwinArmageddons 4

I bet he'll burn the house down, WITH LEMONS!!

TwinArmageddons 4

Well we could always burn their houses down... WITH LEMONS!!!!!

123 - I got it immediately. But you should stay away from moon rocks

Just saw it. I got it. It also seems at least one other person did too.^^;

Op, you went on a date with Voldemort or Barty Crouch jr.

GrammarNazzzzzi 6

Yeah, in a mental institution or in jail if he ever kills his father

uffiewuffie 0

OP has bad luck twice in a row? It has begun..

toenibbler 14

Arghhhh, when I said this a while back I got bitched at. Life is unfair and you got lucky :)

That's what happens when you go on a date with the next Jeffry Dahmar

my eyes just popped out of my head! that's disturbing

ariannaa_fml 17

Sounds like it was your destiny to get away from him...

uffiewuffie 0

Shit I didn't mean to comment the same thing twice, I'm a dumbass.

addiizcherry 0

Really creepy... Maybe he was joking though.

Next thing you hear on the news: "A middle aged man was killed today by his own son." Scarred for life.

"It is my destiny to kill my father." *horrified look "LOLJK"

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iDaniel525 8

so glad someone else saw this. OP, so long as you're 100% sure he's not your estranged child, you're probably safe. But just to be sure, run to the ******* hills.

My thoughts exactly, perhaps inquiring whether his mother was called Jocasta would have been a wise move...

is he getting some of that oedipussy?

Did you make sure it wasn't his destiny to kill you too?

That's what you get when you date future/present inmates. Try meeting someone at the park.

How are you to know who the future inmates are...?

What's wrong with felons? Cuz they have a different background? Or cuz they do illegal things? Fer real your ignorant

Rapists pedophiles and general freaks hang out in parks with their panel vans just waiting for someone to take your advice.

KiddNYC1O 20

That was really dumb advice, #7.

darien987 1

He just randomly admitted he killed his father? O.o

No that it's his destiny to do future.

dixiefoxx 22

Hopefully he was going down a 'God is father' route and was trying for deicide rather than patricide... either way its still creepy. And anyone who believes that their 'destiny' is to kill someone isn't right in the head.