By whatadaydanny - 10/10/2012 13:58 - Dominica

Today, I got a text message from my boss that read, "You've been very bad. Severe punishment is in order." I'm not sure whether I should be turned on or terrified. FML
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whatadaydanny tells us more.

I replied with a simple "Oh really?"; pretty mid-ground comment if you ask me :) And she is a woman. In the office right now and she just smiled at me.

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I'd be turned on and terrified. Make it simpler

Yah,that has happened to me before. I went in to the office and she said "Give me 12 inches and hurt me!" so I put it to her twice and punched her in the eye. I got fired. Lol

Maybe it's another case of sending a text by accident to another person. But I like the idea of your boss sending you that text. So i ll stick with that one.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Lol this kinda reminds me of Fifty Shades of Grey :P

mduffy08 8

One more fifty shades of gay comment will lead to the combustion of your house.

50 shades of grey sounds like a geriatric Porno. Burn there house! Burn there house!

djigsup 3

It helps to read it in Patrick Stewarts voice.

I've never read "50 Shades of Grey", but I don't really understand why guys hate it so adamently. Maybe they're just going with what everyone else is saying, but either way guys brag about watching **** and reading **** magazines all the time. Not that I commend it, but if the ladies found something that turns them on, let them be you hipocrites!

NiceGuysDoWin 21

it's because you've never read it. I barely got through the 1st book, and made it less than 20% into the second before I gave up trying. I'm all for ****, and BDSM, and trash romance novels. If it turns you on, I'm all for it. 50 shades is badly written high school fan fiction that sold a billion copies and no one really knows why. The problem isn't that it's **** for housewives...the problem is that it's crap.

the author wrote it on here black berry and it would go from half decent sensual wording to shit that was pointlessly add or already strongly implyed

That is definitely a turn on situation my friend. If you're into that kind of stuff, that is

enormouselephant 15

-2 nice costume, but it's not halloween yet.

It's only bad if Rorschach is your boss.

Schizomaniac 24

Bold words for someone with no picture of himself, 52.

linx468 8

#2 - NIN and Marilyn Manson. **** yes.

52, 'Tis no costume. That's how I ******* roll. And 75, NIN and Marilyn Manson may not be the New Shit, but they are still, in fact, the shit :)

-68 I'm not an attention *****, I don't need everyone to see my face, it just goes with my name and my dream. -posthuman, theres something we can agree with, marlyn manson is a pile of shit. Try out some real music.

LiterOfCola 16

Posthuman- Trent Reznor is my friend's cousin :P btw, I like your new pic much better

linx468 8

Who gives a shit about the age of music though? NIN is still the best shit I have ever heard in my life. And the guy who says his friend's cousin is Trent Reznor, I doubt it.

mduffy08 8

I think marilyn Manson is a piece of shit too. But no matter how much me and you think it's terrible, it's opinion.

We're all titled to an opinion. Me and linx468 happen to enjoy Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails. You enjoy whatever you want. I don't hate your music, in fact, we may have some similar interests. Who knows (I don't listen to JUST metal, I also listen to techno, dance, some rap, and dubstep) Also, WritingWrong, there is no reason to be hating me for my profile picture. If that's how I want to present myself, then it's how I'm gonna ******* present myself.

To make it more funny your comment has 69 likes

LiterOfCola 16

79: why would I lie? My friend's mom's maiden name is Reznor. She got married (Braun) but is now divorced so its still Reznor. My friend isn't that close with Trent but they are still cousins and he's been to concerts for free. **** you for trying to call me out when I'm one of the few to agree with you that Nine inch nails is pretty cool. It's not like I'm claiming I'm related or something to try to be cool, I just thought you'd find it interesting. **** you.

bryan21122112 4

Anyone can say anything is true without proof. Don't get so damn worked up about someone not believing you are related to this person.

LiterOfCola 16

The reason why it annoyed me is cause I was trying to be nice by agreeing with the minority in this situation and then the guy made a snide comment back

What amuses me is that none of this has anything to do with my original comment.

mduffy08 8

Don't worry dude, your point is proven; now this thread no longer makes sense and shall fall into the Bowels of FML Hell.

Who said I hated your profile picture? It's almost halloween; you look very... "halloween-ey" in your profile picture; nobody else seeing the connection here? Sorry, it was a bad joke, and I realize we all have our own opinions, I just don't respect that guy at all... (ruined a few of my favorite songs for me...)

52- thank you 2- you look like a satanist idiot. Yes I am judging you. Deal with it

linx468 8

#104. Why don't you calm the **** down. You must be new here, because you obviously don't know that a majority of the things that people say and claim on the internet, is utter bullshit. You don't have to shit your pants and throw a tantrum because I doubted what you said.

LiterOfCola 16

No, 128, I'm not "new here." Even if I was, that wouldn't affect my knowledge of the rest of the internet's bullshit so your explanation is irrelevant. You are just annoying, and by the way I have been calm the whole time. I said **** you because you deserve to have that said to you, not because I'm out of control or something.

I'm really curious as to where comment 79 & 128 went... I've seen comments moderated but never just disappear?

ElishaisSexy2016 9

It really depends on the context. Could mean it either way.

horrible bosses...haha love this reference! I can totally picture her character doing this.

lukep135 6

I'll let her severely punish me any day

metaphoristic 8

I hope it's not the 50-shaded Mr.Grey

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Be turned on.. Be very turned on. ;)

If he didn't completely rape the winky face, them he's being serious. He probably wants to talk about that vibrator in your desk with his picture next to it.

unknown_user5566 26

I was thinking butt plug or anal beads, since OP is a male.

Oh, well... Yeah, there's that. I guess a ***** will suffice.

Guys can't have vibrators??? I'm sure some guys do.

unknown_user5566 26
JerryH 9

Not always.. I like a good massage ;)

A pocket rocket can do wonders when used on a guy and it's less intimidating than an over sized vibrator.:P

I don't know if I should be scared with your guys' knowledge about this..

threer 30

If your boss is female sounds like a win to me... However, if your boss is male then I suggest you call in sick haha

Would your advice be different if OP is gay?

Then he would reverse the order of the genders in his statement

antixx101 0

I think that depends on who your boss is! I mean if he or she is attractive then that's a turn on but if it's a giant sweaty man run very far away op!!

If she's hot. Do it. Or if you're gay and he's hot do it. But always remember bosses can get mad if you don't do something they want and can fire you. So keep that in mind OP. But if it isn't a turn on punishment. FYL.

MrBond007_fml 6

What if I'm attracted to giant sweaty men?

Then you would be an imposter, Mr Bond.

MrBond007_fml 6

That was hypothetically speaking. Everybody knows that I'm only attracted to sexy unavailable supermodels, who die after we have sex.