By blaise - 13/04/2009 17:39 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of 8 years dumped me. When I asked if there was another guy, she responded, "You were the other guy". FML
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wow thats should find the other guy and tell him just to get her back.


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real intelligent comment. *eyeroll* why is this in money? it should be in love. or maybe fake love.

Crap! A careless thumb just made me thumb up #166's comment :(

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Honestly I did the same thing and regret it.

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yeah but I'm trying to think which is worse. if ur the other guy and she cheats WITH you on her bf or being the bf and getting cheated on with some other guy?

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wow thats should find the other guy and tell him just to get her back.

Why would OP want to get her back? She cheated on two people for 8 years without OP even knowing he was the other guy. If they actually did ever get together again, what shows that his girlfriend won't do it again? Both guys need to dump her. Or, SHOULD have.

I think what #3 meant when they said "get her back", was get revenge on her. That's how I read it anyway.

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Yeah, I'd tell the other guy. If he's smart, he'll leave her.

Honestly, it's good you're no longer with someone who can't respect their partner enough not to cheat on them.

...8 years and you didnt know she was with someone else before you.. thats hard to believe

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So you've been the other guy for eight years? I think one of you would have thought something was up by now.

I want to know why they were together 8 years and he didn't propose.

Perhaps they just started young, like, 16.

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There are some guys who want to take things slow so they think they can let us girls wait. Or they are just stringing us along. My ex and I were together for 8 years and the last year he keep saying lets get married but whenever we got the ball rolling on doing it things will always come up. Well he found someone else and I dumped him then he said 'i never wanted to marry you just wanted to see your reaction to marriage' WTF! Of course he ended up marry that girl and i heard that she is very demanding but i have a good guy who I can respect and love deeply.