By DyingOfShame - United Kingdom
Today, I got a text from my boyfriend whilst on the train home from spending the weekend with him at his grandparents' house. It said, 'Gran says to tell you that the bin beside the toilet is actually for storing spare shampoos and toothbrushes, so could you not put your tampons in it next time?' FML
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By  princess_88  |  0

Lol actually I think I agree...if it didn't have a trash bag in it that's kind of like a red flag. an even if it wasn't a red flag, who wants to clean off your tampon from the bottom of the garbage bin? Embarrassing nonetheless. Lol.

  Ludii_fml  |  0

Unfortunately that shit happens all the time because people don't think about womanly bleeds. In monopaused homes or single mens' homes, okay. But in public bathrooms where there is "Women" written on it, NO.