By AlexaSt2611 - 25/08/2010 00:08 - Paraguay

Today, I was enjoying a nice shower in the morning. While I was massaging the shampoo out of my hair, I saw the gardener walking past my bathroom window, yelling "Good morning" and waving in my direction. My left boob politely waved back at him. FML
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I'm pretty sure he enjoyed your shower also.

So everyone can see you shower now? I guess I know why the gardener takes daily walks by your bathroom window;)

you should have let him put his nose inside you ... it's how gardeners get high .. 2 Wiffs shud do the trick

I'm gonna be a gardner when I grow up=D

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if ur boob can wave then they prob r saggy :( I would say u need a boob job!

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Hey, I don't see the FML here. At least your boob has manners, it waved politely. :D

fellas let's not get ahead of ourselves, she could have a saggy bag.

1.)ydi for not closing your window (unless you did but have the wrong type of window then ysdi) 2.)dont encourage her to get a boob job, they look horrible and when you have children and decide to breast feed your child could be poisend!

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invest in some good curtains next time. You totally deserved it. ytdi close your window get a curtain around your shower. I check my windows before stripping down to take a shower. Think about it next time. That's all...

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wtf. how does someones boob politly wave back... this is a weird fml..

if you're rich enough to have your own gardiner then your life is not ******

boobs can wave? how did OP make her boob wave?

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I didn't know your boob had it's own mind and can wave! I gotta start trying that!

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At least you have a gardener...

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oh yeah? well MY left boob can do a one-handed cartwheel AND stick the landing. yeah.

do you also happen to be the woman who showed your body to the Gardner about 3 months back?

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FYLhard, I love your picture, it's so cute and fake. almost like a commercial....

Who says your boobs have to be saggy to do that? Unless you have a boob job and your boobs sit there (or if you have minimis), if your arms are above your shoulders moving they generally sway back and forth, hence the waving motion.

crap... I used d in the "backwards" oh well the jokes ruined. for any idiots out there it's a failblog. I'm not a retard

63-ok, so if someone works hard to make a good living, they are not allowed to be sad or angry about anything? You can't buy everything.

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He will probably do harder and better work to stay with that job...when that bf's mom lawn was the best on the block.

same as 90s comment. she was washing her hair so that means her arms were above her head. combo that with being in the shower and you get boobs that will sway back and forth-so we get the 'waving boobs' term. Gawd people these days -_- and heck you could 'wave' ur pecs if they're big enough ;) lol

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29, you must have some freaky perky weird ******* if you thinkboobs aren't supposed to move. or you are a dude. either way, shut up.

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u ever heard of covering the window? in sure he enjoyed it though xD

46 - You're an idiot. The implant is placed behind the milk duct and muscle in the breast. There's no way the child could possibly be poisoned. Do your research BEFORE commenting next time.

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People can see you through the bathroom window? YDI.

Most people have frosted (blurred) windows. Why OP doesn't is beyond me.

because she lives in puruguay or whatever the spelling is

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Most people also have small windows so people can't see in. I'm starting to get suspicious of this FML..

55- I find it amusing that you couldn't spell 'Paraguay' when it's *scrolls up* right here, in front of your face.

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Uh, if people can see through your bathroom window, it might be a good idea to invest in some curtians.

Unless she likes giving people a free show! lol

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romskiies: niice body u got there =D


my thoughts exactly why she decided to type my left boob polity waves back is beyond me.

tooGee- thank. lol Bianca- no she loves giving free shows, just not to the gardener, he already gets her money. Lmfao

you've got some gorgeous eyes sydneydallas

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wow she didnt mean wave she meant it was showing -.-"

If her boobs have enough fat in them, they would jiggle even slightly with the moment of massaging the shampoo out of her hair. Erm... jiggle=wave.

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I teach women boob-waving lessons actually. The first course is free to boot! So FFML and whoever else is interested, visit my website, to schedule a lesson today!

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How do you know what she meant? Are you psychic? If so, let me know.

How the hell do u teach women how to wave their boobs? not trying to be disrespectful towarda ur job but.. LMAO!!

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I gus u did not get was she said... Lol

I had to lol. I've had times in the shower, and a series of Mexican lawn men have walked by my window. They usually don't look when they hear the shower running. If they happen to glance over, they're polite enough to blush, and shuffle away quickly. :D

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at least your boobs are polite:) isn't that nice!