By cleangirl - 14/03/2011 23:45 - United Kingdom

Today, my new boyfriend was at my flat for the first time. He picked up something in the bathroom and said 'What the hell's this?'. I told him what it was for, and he said 'You girls and your weird female products. Who needs all this stuff?'. It wasn't a female thing. It was shampoo. FML
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Shampoo? We don't use shampoo, we use MANpoo.

lol manpoo sounds like another name for shit.


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lol dumb ass

did you ever think that he was taking about the brand of shampoo?

Yea only guys use shampoo. Smartass

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yay who needs athows fancy things like shampo I just do a rinse cycle

Let's hope he doesn't know what shampoo is because he uses soap =/ and not because he doesn't wash his hair.

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What if it was shampoo with conditioner and smelled like sunshine, rainbows, and estrogen? Would that be a "female thing"?

Shampoo? We don't use shampoo, we use MANpoo.

lol manpoo sounds like another name for shit.

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Head&Shoulders ftw

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Man poo? Do you have some kind of gay scat fetish?

Lol exactly what 16 said, another word for shit. I'm pretty sure women aren't attracted to men who rubs shit on their head..

omg I was thinking that too! I can't stop laughing!

rallets 22

you'd be surprised what some women are into

ahh good old copraphilia huh?

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Lol 2, funniest comment I've seen in a while.

i clean my self wth shit 2

YUO USE CRAP???! OMG!!!!!!! :) lol

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33 you are a lier my gf loves my crap cent its part of me man funk

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lol nice

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men aren't full of shit..... their full of MANPOO... ew.

Sounds like a winner. -_-

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YDI for dating a dirty hobo.

show him what it's used for? shower time = fun time

lol haha agree!

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well said :)

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epic win for him!!

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apparently he doesnt shower too much lols


Is "flat" another word for home? Children this generation are making up words everyday!

"flat" means an apartment or small home in Europe, it really isn't a new term

It's English/South African for apartment. It could also be a small house in the back of someone's yard where you rent, although we tend to call that a granny flat, so OP probably means an apartment.

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WTF? As it has already been mentioned above, that word is not made up.

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lol. old Americans don't get that they only know one English.

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....flat is the English term for apartment

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not all americans are that ignorant so please stop stereotyping. i am an average american with an average education an average-sized vocabulary, and although i never use the term "flat" i knew exactly what op meant. im sorry but i feel like i need to stand up for some americans. its really a shame how dense the majority of us are, but i suppose its our own fault.

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Shut it. We don't care.

no you idiot even my grandmother calls her apartment a flat

he must wash his hair with bar soap

lol oh wow show him what is for ;)