By Anonymous - United States
Today, 50,000 copies of the new edition of the town's phone book came out. I manage a pizza place and bought a full menu ad. Apparently the ad designer got confused, as they placed my cell phone number in huge bold letters at the bottom of the ad instead of the store's phone number. FML
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Call forwarding. If the restaurant delivers, they probably have a group cell plan already. Just transfer the cell number to a company account, forward all calls to the business line and get a new number for yourself. If there wasn't a proof for you to OK, bitch till the phone company pays for the costs involved.

  paddyH  |  0

I was thinking the same as thelrish but then if it is 100% their fault I'd sue their ass as well. Why not make a few bucks of them revealing your private number =]

  ohSNAPyall  |  26

Good plan Ms. Doe. I never had a group plan or whatever when I delivered pizza though. We made tips + minimum wage + 75 cents out of the $2 delivery fee.

  tass919  |  12

totally agree with you! the only reason that they would list the wrong number and have the wrong number to list is if the person taking out the add wrote the wrong one down! so yep i agree the OP deserves it.

  Zebidee  |  8

#13 is spot on. Get all incoming calls to the cell redirected to the business phone and get a new number. Get the directory people to pay for both, unless they have a signed-off proof of the ad with the wrong number.

The unavoidable problem here is that I imagine a lot of people wouldn't call a cell phone for a pizza because it looks unprofessional, or they'd get charged more for the call. All round, it sucks though.