By Anonymous - 08/02/2016 17:43 - Austria

Today, I made a delicious casserole for dinner. Just as I was about to serve it, a bowl fell from the cupboard above, exploded on the counter and made it rain tiny, sharp glass shards on my food. I can't pick them all out. FML
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Natural selection? Extra protein? Toughening your mouth? Really, there are only benefits here


shame that your food has to go to waste op, but at least you saw it happen so no one will risk cutting themselves on glass shards

I think they would have been able to notice it even if they didn't experience it personally.

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Throwing it away is not only a waste of delicious food, it's also a waste of the perfect opportunity to play a nice, fun game of Ragout Roulette

6 no... Especially if its small shards.

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I'm not sure how big the casserole is, but glass shards don't just diffuse into the casserole. Can't you just skin the casserole to have an un-glassy dinner?

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YOLO right?? But fr that sucks OP

Stop trying to make 'YOLO' happen. It's not going to happen!

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Really #14? Quoting "Mean Girls"? She couldn't make that word seem cool either...

I feel YOLO is exactly why you shouldn't be doing dumb shit. You only have one life dumbass, don't throw it away

I had something like that happen to me, I made a casserole and when I took it out of the oven and sat it on the stove the Pyrex dish it was in exploded and totally destroyed supper :(

Common. Pyrex has a flaw in their glass that if it has been cooled down too quickly, the next time it reaches a high temp and is brought out of the oven, it will explode. And they explode into tiny little slivers. It sucks, and it's something Pyrex has tried to hide. I've seen a few injuries from it. I only use Anchor Hocking when I buy vintage glassware now. You never know the history of the piece and if it was properly cared for.

Natural selection? Extra protein? Toughening your mouth? Really, there are only benefits here

How does one get extra protein from glass..?

Really?? Extra protien??!! Its GLASS!! FFS! GET A CLUE!

Well joke be that as it may, but neither funny nor accurate or logical.

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Three extra protein because the glass cuts your insides, putting blood in your digestive track that contains proteins.

59, it wouldn't be a very good joke if it was accurate and logical. That's why it's a joke. And I thought it was hilarious

Great. The edit time ran out before I could think of something.

#13. Why would you post half a comment to edit it later?

I'm sorry, OP. It always hurts when something you soent a lot of time cooking doesn't work out.