By Lee - 10/04/2012 03:50 - United States

Today, I decided to pull some weeds in my backyard. Everything was going great until I got a concussion. My dog thought that it would be fun to headbutt me from a running start. Twice. FML
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If I was a many things I would to humans.

He was protecting the weeds. They were his friends!!!!


Could stick it on YouTube for a fail compilation, everyone likes them.

Shame on OP.. not recording themself while pulling weeds and not expecting to know their dogs would headbutt them..

Interesting... No grammar nazis here yet despite it being the first comment and all... And why the **** would you even ask such a dumb question? Is op a supernatural being? Did she get hit the first time, think it would be funny to record it, run up to her bedroom, get the camera and rush down again, all in time for the dog to head butt her a second time?

How could she record it dumbass And you said recoreded

1- Yes, because recording a video of you pulling out weeds is cool. Op didnt know this was going to happen. And its record, not recorded.

Thumb me down if you wish, but I wish it had been recorded!

I actually record everything I do. You should see last year's bathroom bloopers. You would shit yourself.

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Record it? OP definitely knew that she was going to be head butted twice... Totally.

If I was a many things I would to humans.

You really should have taken advantage of the "edit comment" option.

You can do that on phones? Where?! Yeah, no. I don't see one.

I'm more worried about how creepy it was.

47- It's possible on the iPhone, but not the Android.

On an iPhone, they give you two minutes after you post it to proofread any mistakes. It's shown as a pencil with a timer next to your thumbs up/down buttons. After those two minutes, it disappears. Duh.

Haha, no. I'm just stupid, I'm using an iPhone. But I didn't know you could do that. I applaud myself..

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I remember when I was a kid I was playing hide and go seek put side, so I hid next to the front tire of my father's truck. My rottie found me- by headbutting me. Needless to say i was soon caught with my face scraping the pavement

It's on the right corner of the comment right after you post it. It's there for 10 seconds.

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Damn dogs..get a cat, they would never do that.

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That's like telling someone to buy a Mac just because their PC head-butt them twice and game them a concussion.

So instead of getting headbutted by a dog, OP could have gotten clawed to shit by a cat. Sound logic.

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Cats don't randomly claw people unless you give them reason to.

I don't think dogs randomly head butt people twice and give them a concussion for no good reason..

**** YOU CAT (58) we are better than you!

He just wanted to play! :) Or he was knocking you out of the way of that sniper's laser bead.

I find it dumb that when a cat can completely rip the shit out of someone and get away with but if a dog bites you it gets put down and it's more likely that a cat will attack then a dog will bite. cats will attack non pravoked when dogs only bite when pravoked... anyway the point is that dogs are better then cats and will always be a dog is more loyal

That dog deserves an award! But on the other hand sucks, how unlucky!

He was protecting the weeds. They were his friends!!!!

He was their friend and he betrayed them...HE WAS THEIR FRIEND!! #Harry potter moment. Had to. Don't kill me. :3

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He was probably trying to protect Op. I bet those weeds were more than likely his usual bathroom stops.

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That's what you get for having weed in your backyard. (i know op wasn't picking marijuana, before you all jump on me for being dumb)

Nah we're not jumping on you because you're dumb, we're doing it because your comment was stupid

Oh and that people who always mess it up is how to use "you're" and "your". Welcome grammar nazi's.

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Remember, if you have to explain it, you should just not comment at all.

After the first time you didn't think to move or pay more attention?

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Note to self wear a helmet befor picking weeds

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Instead of weeding, OP should cut his grass so he won't be attacked by wild Pokemon anymore

OP fainted, Growlithe received 100 experience. What? Growlithe is evolving? *music*

Either your dog is unbelievably fast, or you have the reflexes of a new born cat. Not reacting to sound, nor light.