By notahomewrecker - United States
Today, I got a call from the guy I'd been seeing for a few weeks. It was his wife calling to find out what was going on with us. He told me he was separated. He left his kids home alone to hook up with me. FML
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  Towelie_31  |  0

#3 she said the wife wanted to know what was going on between them, obviously meaning the wife wanted to know if they were having sex, and interested in making it a threeway. He aint in trouble

  spursunited  |  19

I mean honestly though. Guys get the stereotype as being shit shacks, to the point where it's expected of us to be dickwads and it's a surprise and a treat if you're not a total douche canoe

By  SomeGuy449  |  0

FYL. Blame the man because he lied. But YDI because you shouldn't sleep with people who say they're separated. Separated means that you're thinking of getting divorced. It also means you're thinking of staying together.

  shadow455  |  2

yea my dad said he was seperated to my mum when he met her then she later found out he was still married and didnt apply for a divorce for another 2 years