By whyme - 12/04/2017 22:00

Today, I met a wonderful man and agreed to go on a date. Halfway through the date, he started telling about how much he hates his wife. And his four kids. I texted him after I walked out, saying not to call me again. He agreed. His wife didn't. FML
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I read this as his wife wants him to call you?

He hates his kids? **** him! (just not literally.)


I read this as his wife wants him to call you?

onceuponatime456 16

It could be that the wife is calling OP, complaining about the husband's behavior.

More likely for being "that sl*t wh*re" who is breaking up their marriage.

Nah, his wife called me herself a bunch of times.

jofukurself 8

Call me for a horrible time! ;)

He hates his kids? **** him! (just not literally.)

It's okay to hate your kids. Just gotta show'em more love and support to hide how you feel. It's okay to have opinions and emotions Dick.

If I hear someone hates his wife and kids I definitely would not want to deal with him again.

What if he hates his wife and loves his kids?

Then he should have divorced his wife prior to asking random people out on dates :)

Divorce can take a long time. For all we know, he might have already started the process.

At least you found out now instead of later. And he'll get his lumps.

katherinerose89 9

WTF Well at least you found out sooner rather than later!

The wife didn't agree to not call the OP. She probably called her to chew her ass out! If she was really pissed, she'd have the kids call her, too.

OP here! His wife called me once to ask what had happened. I decided to behave like a decent human being, and explain that we'd been on one date, and that was it I explained I wasn't interested in a married man, and nothing sexual had happened. She then decided to behave ... oddly, and rang me a further 24 times, some of which I ignored, some of which I picked up thinking it was someone else - she then immediately hung up on me, or asked how I was and THEN hung up. The husband came into where I worked and tried it on again. She had continued to call me (my phone was in the locker) and I had to threaten police action on the PAIR of them to get them to stop.

I would definitely call the cops if you even get one more call

I hope you didn't know he was married when you went out with him. But I'm assuming you didn't know, in which case, kudos for cutting him loose.

I assume you didn't know the guy was married and had four kids when you agreed to this date. Perhaps it would have been better not to text him (unless he texted you asking for a second date), but you couldn't have known the wife would see the message.