By morgie96 - 19/08/2014 04:11 - United States - Pompano Beach

Today, on Facebook, all these parents posted photos of their child's last first day of high school, saying they were so proud as they left for senior year. It was my first day of senior year today, but my parents just gave me a high-five for not doing drugs. FML
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Congratulations, your parents are not social media ******! That's worth way more ;)

if I were you if be more pleased that my parents aren't embarrassing me on Facebook.


TanzWolf 26

It's alright. Keep going where you're going!

Exactly, you don't need social media to validate your life!

im sorry but is this really a fml? its not like the parents didnt say anything positive, so what if they didnt brag on facebook. i especially hate when someone complains that someone didnt post something online just to make themselves look good.

I agree. I don't see this as an FML. OP, take it that your parents knew you would make it to senior year, so they don't have to talk about how proud they are that you managed to do it.

Well... That's nice too. At least they're proud of you.

IMO this is much better than a social media post nobody is going to remember anyway. But this makes a great story for years to come!

Not really a great story. More like: "My parents gave me a high five once for doing the right thing." "That's... Cool." Know what isn't cool? Unrelated replies.

21: How was her reply unrelated to yours? I think it fit pretty well.

How? It sounded like she's just replying to the original post.

tony1891 22

drug free is a big thing op. congrats

Good job OP, you deserve it :)

Be proud of yourself--you don't do drugs and it's your last first day too!

Congratulations, your parents are not social media ******! That's worth way more ;)

So... parents who didn't have access or exposure to social media in the older days didn't care about their kids? Sorry #5, this was not meant to be a reply to you but on the post... won't let me change it. Agree with you on this point!

High school is just another step in reaching yot full potential. It's not THAT special. When I finished mine, my parents only congratulated me and i didn't expect more than that, I knew I had to finish. It was more an obligation than some special acomplishment (probably spelled it wrong) to me.


I'd say it's an accomplishment. High school is a hard time for a lot of people, and finishing school is the end of a big part of our lives.

Its definitely hard and everything but it's still probably the easiest part of your life after which you have to go to college or start paying bills and have to take care of yourself/live on your own (for some).. It's an accomplishment, yes, but looking back, it was pretty easy.

if I were you if be more pleased that my parents aren't embarrassing me on Facebook.

don't be an attention *****!

Depending upon where you go to school, not doing drugs could be a big accomplishment.

It is here! When I graduated I was 1 out of about 4 that wasn't doing drugs and/or having (had) babies. There were 16 in my class.

I suppose this isn't really as different as the first day of kindergarten photos, but this still seems... really unusual (at least to me). Feel lucky, OP. Your parents might be the only sane parents left.