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Today, I gave my girlfriend a hickey barely an inch from her vagina. She texted me later, saying her dad saw it and had grounded her. So yeah, I'm not sure I even want to know what the hell goes on in their house. FML
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As a girl, I'm saying there is a high chance she is bull ******** that.


TweetAnne 13

Maybe she went commando and he unintentionally saw it.

More like she needed an excuse not to see OP so she could bang his best friend. Otherwise I have no other explanation for that FML!

To be fair though, some cultures do walk around the house naked. A German family I know do so, with kids and everything, and it surprises them how negative the reactions of people are.

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Well done Sherlock, case solved without Watson.

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Some people are just more open. My boyfriend's family grew up walking around and it was no big deal. My family doesn't walk around naked but we often change with doors open and will go around the house in underwear. It may be a cultural thing though because we're Cuban? Either way, OP, I say it's plausible. You can ask her if it bothers you, though.

Draconus324 4

I'm with 37 Might be a household nudist

ShannonBitt 29

Even if it's normal for them to walk around the house scantily clad, wouldn't she think to put shorts on if she had a hickey next to her ******? Unless she didn't notice it herself, which I doubt.

@172 Cubans come in all shades the same way Americans come in all shades. Please don't confuse race with nationality.

Maybe it is some kind of excuse. Perhaps, y'know, ask her.

saucyrossi 18

my ex told me her mom saw the hickey on her ass and grounded her I never gave her one on her ass

104 your pic fits that comment perfectly

mjbev405 19

I think we know why she's your ex now

Rocket___Candy 24

Maybe she was in a very revealing swimsuit....? I have no idea OP but that's extremely awkward

ColonelCusswords 24

thats gotta be one realy ******* revealing swimsuit

Even with a revealing swimsuit what was she doing when she was wearing it for the hickey to become visible?! Must be an excuse but why?

By "******" op probably means it was on her inner thigh.

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This is the most ups I have ever seen on an fml comment.

ColonelCusswords 24

Ive seen some crazy shit but this caught me right the **** off gaurd...

good luck looking her dad in the eye next time you see him...

As a girl, I'm saying there is a high chance she is bull ******** that.

As a human, I'm saying there's a high chance she's bullshiting that

I mean… it is Alabama so… you never know

wheelchairchick 11

OH **** ITS ALABAMA EVRRYONE GO STRAIGHT TO MAKING JOKES. See how much sense that makes? Probably a lot to you...

#95 - Quit viciously defending Alabama, stereotypes are funny as long as there isn't any hatred. FML, typically, is a friendly place where we can all joke without breeding hostility. Cool your beans, bruh.

chill #95. remember the breathing exercises you had to teach your sister when she was pregnant with your kid.

MrMoofinMan 19

But why? I don't understand WHY she would bullshit about that. What possible reason is there to bullshit about that.

noonenoeone 22

Maybe she didn't want anymore hickeys? Or op might not be great at what he's doing and she needed and excuse.

#157 - "My dad hates you because he knows we're sexually active. Behave yourself around my family so he'll like you."

I will defend mother bama till I die! COME ON YOU BASTARDS BURY ME DEEP I CAN TAKE IT! BURY ME 6, 8, 9 FEET IT DONT MATTER!

As a girl I'm wondering what sort of childish mentality can you have to say such a lie (if she's really saying bs)

People still give hickeys? Regardless, that's pretty ****** up OP. Maybe you should just stay away from them altogether

meli1195 31

why would people have stopped giving hickeys

There is a big difference between the behavior of a grown up, and the behavior of someone with a stick up their behind, dear.

A hickey can be unintentionally given in the heat of the moment.. A girl kissing your neck, or slightly biting you from pleasure. Maybe he got too involved when going down on her and it felt like a thing to do because it turned her on more.. But, maybe that's just me.

I actually like the feeling that causes the hickey, I just make sure my guy does it in non revealing places. Not because I'm underage or anything but because I don't want people seeing them they know for damn sure what happened there lol

wheelchairchick 11

So the whole world has to hate them because you do?