By Alexandra - United States - Gaithersburg
Today, I found out that my boyfriend and one of his friends have been having sex with each other. His excuse? "She's my best friend, we do this all the time." I have been dating him for over a year. FML
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  Bubbelz  |  24

Indeed, "dick" is a friendly word. Cunt is evil. That's why people may name their children Dick, only to call them cunts once found out their children are cunts.

  evig_fml  |  16

Actually plenty of cultures don't practice monogamy, so it's possible (if the boyfriend was from a different part of the world) that intimacy between good friends might not be looked down upon.

Then again I have no idea how culturally diverse Maryland is, as I've never been.

  chell1894  |  13

The most common thing in the United States is to settle down at some point in a monogamous relationship. Not saying everyone but cultural wise that's the most common. And this guy is just stupid or selfish.

  melsweet  |  19

My ex was heading this way with his "best friend". We broke up before it go that far, but I'm pretty sure that they're friends with benefits now. It happens

By  fksfsdhfsdfh  |  26

Wow! Not cool!

By  nottheyoungest  |  18

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  Sputnikspak  |  13

It is completely irrelevant. Unless non-monogamy is agreed upon, faithfulness is a necessary part of a relationship's survival, regardless of if you're having sex or not!

  Bakarra  |  22

Too be fair, most of the people who comment about liking pleo get buried, unless of course you point out the system in which it doth reverse

By  fksfsdhfsdfh  |  26

Best friend? Sure!