By RyanM - 10/03/2010 15:00 - France

Today, I found out what people really think about the beard I've been proudly growing for over a month. It appears that my face now looks like an unshaven ballsack. FML
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RetroXI 4

@1 who are you calling a lint licker you cootie queen!? o_0

It's also a big turn-off on girls too. Just keep that in mind.


1800getalife 0

hahah u deserve for being a lint licker

greendaygirl999 5

Facial hair is most of the time a big turn-off for girls. Just keep that in mind

who u calling lint licker u cootie you cumquat! the best was...What the french, toast...I love that orbitz com. ^_^

It's also a big turn-off on girls too. Just keep that in mind.

hahha at that comment ^ little facial hairr = turn on jungle mess of a beard

too true #16 :-P

shit it cut off my comment.. jungle mess of a beard = turn off.

After you shave, I want to see a fml from you that reads, "I just shaved my scrotum beard and my friends say my face still looks like a set of testicles."

cocopuff96 0

first you did it for having a beard!

tehamericanboy94 0

Not all girls get turned off by it, some like the tickle on their neck ;)

I guess mom was right... "you are what you eat"

not every guy is concerned with what is a turn off for girls. keep that in mind.

We call these guys 'homosexuals'

farsidee 0

keep your mouth closed when you sleep otherwise you will T-bag yourself

facial hair is gross.

CrazySmileyFace 0

hmm... not for me I like a little but not like a full out puff-beard. just stubble ;)

It looks like that because your French, not because you have a beard.

bullshit! mama loves it :)

thats attractive...

I agree with # 11 hair on face not really attractive sorry /: it's okay though you can always shave it off (((:

pfft 109 your attractive...

hahaha thisvmade me laf so ard wen I first red it

Jrook 0

72's smiley face creeps me the fuck out

qzamml 0

lmao and when you shave you'll just look like a shaved ballsack? =P

bezach 0

girls dig the goatee

Girls, yeah. WOMEN like dudes who fuck bears for a living.

unshaven... you shave them? ouch!

Well my question is how your face looks Veiny droopy and two round balls

it's funny thinking of a guy walking atound with a ballsack hanging off his forehead

reminds me of the family guy episode where Peter is rubbing his chin then say "hey what are these doing up here?!?" then puts his "chin" into his pants. lol great episode.

mexicantumblewee 0

facial hair is awesome. Especially when you get a few birds living in it

mexicantumblewee 0

did they pay you to fuck that bear?

"Facial hair is most of the time a big turn-off for girls. Just keep that in mind" So untrue! It's a turn-on if a guy has a nice, beautiful beard! At least you can see they're men!

#136 Even better, the South Park episode where butters has balls on his chin. Loo loo loo, I've got some apples...

I would imagine a girl would want a little boy, but a woman is probably going to want her man to actually look like a man. I'm not implying a neckbeared or a lumberjack, but a nice well kept beard shows your age.

Peter griffin!!

isaiaha11 2

hello peter griffin

#11 I know several girls who are turned on by facial hair just saying

big deal shave it...this would really be an fml if you were a girl

RetroXI 4

@1 who are you calling a lint licker you cootie queen!? o_0

Blue_Coconuts 7

Pickle you cumquat!

purplemnm 9

you son of a French toast eating bulldog!

it's son of a biscuit eating bulldog

What the French toast?

purplemnm 9

idc i make my own sub-word phrase! >:D

ya and you also make ur own fat and is ugly

woopie 1-you're dumb for not seeinhg it yourself. 2-deal with it and shave. 3-return when you have something worth mentioning.

xoxomeganduhxoxo_fml 0

siickkk. shave it. problem solved.

Post pics :D

Take the hint, shave it...or trim at least! one of my old friends had a pretty disgusting beard; he was nicknamed 'pubes'

A beard needs to be groomed and cleaned, you don't grow it if you don't know how to take care of it...

duckie227 22

beards are for Santa Clause! lol

Ecnassianer 0

^ This.

AznWaffle8 0

I know a janitor that wears red and cream for his job, has white hair, and just grew a huge beard. We all call him Santa now.

bearded men are so sexy

iamchuck 0

Be a real man and grow a glorious beard like mine.

quikwit1212 0

That is a nice beard...

Taylorfacepwns 0

^panda approves.

only kids and women have no beard :)

well maybe if your face didn't look like balls...