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Today, I was telling my friend about how my boyfriend never does anything nice for me. Confused, she replied, "That's odd, he's always doing nice things for me." FML
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I get the feeling your friend isn't actually confused, but is trying to *nicely* point out that your boyfriend IS nice, and you're just ungrateful. This isn't really an FML except for the part where the OP is confused and spoiled.


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Congratulations. Here's your sign . . .

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so what? just cause he's nice to ur friend doesn't mean really anything

wow ii hate girls like that . o that was ur man? I thot I recognized her. ...

New Jersey FML. Thanks to Jersey *****, I am now stereotyping.

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exactly 92, friends with benifits ?


"he's always doing nice things for me" like sucking your dick! (what you shouldve said) you said you would never speak of that! ? wait I was joking... you were? was I..? O_O

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so? he does nice things for your friend not something to whine about. it's not like he talked about pushing you down stairs if you got pregnant...

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no least your friend is happy

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yeah! they could just be friends. that doesn't mean he's cheating. jeeeze

#3 Yup. It's figuratively a two-way street, OP. You've got to give to get things in return. I could be totally off-base, though! For all I know you could do nice things for him all the time I wouldn't know. If you don't like the fact that your boyfriend doesn't do nice things for you, then why are you with him?

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I agree with most of what you're saying, nerds. But I think the FML lies with the fact that her boyfriend is doing nice things for her friend. That's a bit un-settling. Don't you think?

Good point, FFML_314! I hadn't thought of that...

Or OP's definition of "nice" is different than her friend's and boyfriend's. Maybe he does, and she just doesn't recognize his acts for what they are. This is when the whole Love Languages thing comes in handy...

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My love language is Russian. And I don't speak Russian, so I never understand it…

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Ouch that sucks. And I can't think of a pun to go with this. FYL

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what does OP mean ? Im new please explainn

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I'm sure she was "confused". BUSTED