By richard - 21/03/2014 16:10 - United States - Redmond

Today, fed up with my nerdy appearance, I got my hair shaved off, hoping for a Walter White kind of look. I didn't think it was too bad, but not even an hour later, I'd already been called a "fat Bruce Willis" and compared to a freshly circumcised penis. FML
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It's impossible too pull off the Walter White look.

klb9 13

I'm sure it looks good!:) Don't listen to them!


klb9 13

I'm sure it looks good!:) Don't listen to them!

whiskeey 14

I agree! People are jerks these days

evan_7899 28

Not to be a jerk myself but I'm surprised nobody commented dick looks like a circumsised dick now.

Lebeaugars95 20

baaad segway #12

Umm idk I think if it looked good someone would have told him.

YellowKettleBell 31

Jerks are often bigger jerks than nice people are nice.

Don't listen to them, I'm sure they're just being douchey.

Coming from someone with crazy hair here. I have a big red Jew fro that turns a very light ginger in the summer.. I've been compared to carrot top more times than I can recall and I've even been called a used Q-tip amongst other outrageous things. This fml made me chuckle with the whole "freshly circumsized penis thing" Don't take it to heart.. The "douches" #2 is referring to are probably just jealous of your new style.

It's impossible too pull off the Walter White look.

alicexo_fml 8

Walter White is also a nerd.

You are not the one who knocks!

kewpiesuicide 29

The 'nerd look' is often just the way you present yourself with awkward body language and self esteem issues. You gotta work on the inside first and the rest will come with it ;)

69 - I agree. I purposely gave my son a mo-hawk once and made him go to school. I told him people will only tease you unless are confidant about it then the will say it looks great.

CurlyQute 17

Some people are just jerks

Don't forget Walt's signature black fedora!

Qwermy 16

OP, whatever you do, don't take this advice. It may lead to you being friend-zoned and growing a neckbeard.

or being mistaken as a brony

Your school sounds like it's full of assholes...

Ok seriously who gets called names and gets made fun of from random people on the street? Use common sense people he's clearly being bullied at school >.>

Or work. Or by his friends. Or the gym. Or any other social institution he regularly visits.

35, most FMLs are due to random assholes on the streets though so your argument is invalid.

Do you even know how bullying works? It just doesn't take place in school. It can happen anywhere.

pwnman 33

Wow.. I feel like melting them with hydraulic acid!

You mean hydrochloric acid?

No, hydraulic acid. He wants to make sure they bounce in low riders.

Sounds like those people are dicks OP

They're the REAL dicks in this situation, even if you still look like one.

Lebeaugars95 20

tell them you don't knock you're the one who kicks the door down. (breaking bad reference)