By spockswifey - 03/11/2010 06:40 - United States

Today, I jokingly asked my husband if he had ever cheated on me. In the most sincere and honest tone, he said "if I ever have or ever will, there's no way you would ever find out. I love you too much to lose you", and gave me a hug. FML
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Oh, I don't even know where to begin with that one. That sounds like a back-handed admission to me.


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no way! that man loves his wife right there. more like, did you hump him?

I once walked in on my wife and a stranger all he said was "pow right in the kisser!" those words still haunt me to this day...

74, that only works if you specify which poster you're addressing.

KingDingALing 9

Chances are he already cheated on you, OP...

ozkalukaas 0

that picture you got wouldint be funny if that kid wasint black.

Intelligent, but mean. Especially for saying cruelties like that in a 'sincere and honest' tone. Jerk.

I think he may not have realized how bad it sounded

Well, in that case he isn't that intelligent, is he?

Why is that question ridiculous? We don't know the context. I have been in conversations with my boyfriend talking about being faithfull, about people who cheat, about *****...and it ended almost always with him or me asking in a jokingly serieus tone whether the other one had cheated/would cheat. And honestly, I would never expect an answer like the one OP got. But, yes, these kind of questions can be funny. And if OP didn't want to be funny, but was suspicious instead, had reason to be suspicious, why wouldn't she ask that question? How more I read the FML, how meaner it gets.

Is that your final answer? Maybe you'd like to phone a friend..

126 - If you're commenting on Djee's comment, you shouldn't be. That's exactly what a jokingly serious tone is.

absolutely agree with you! I hate it how people see the need to ask this stupid question. if he'd said straight out 'yes' she would be botching about it even more

Oh, sorry, I must have missed it. DjeePee, can you say that again, louder this time, so I can hear your tone?

160- There was another comment in place of the one replying with "oxymoron". This would be the one I am referring to. I'm sure it's another case of the comment bug. Any particular reason you're challenging everyone on FML?

steggunekoms 0

yer but he should have told her as soon as he did it

he didn't for sure say he cheated, just have or will cheat

Sure, but he didn't say "I love you too much to cheat on you". Imo "I love you too much to ever let you find out if I cheated" kind of implies that he might.

afallingstar 22

or that he has and didn't want her to find out

sevans 0

there are just some things you don't want to know the answer to

there is just some questions you want to answer yourself. And if you don't want the answer, don't ask the question

Illyssa_fml 4

Well atleast you know he is really in love with you...

Jerzyginger74 0

Oh, I don't even know where to begin with that one. That sounds like a back-handed admission to me.

RedPillSucks 31

Exactly. The reverse of a non-denial denial. If he really didn't cheat, it would have been simpler to say "no". Sounds like he's incapable of lying to her, but can't bring himself to tell the truth.

what, all he was saying is that If he ever made the mistake no one would know.

princessbeee 4

well, in a way that's kinda cute. but it's also really mean.

she deserves it for asking that " jokingly".