By NotTilly - 10/03/2010 14:54 - United States

Today, I met my boyfriend's extended family. His grandpa was apparently senile, as he kept calling me "Tilly" and asking me to dance. His relatives thought this hilarious and busted out the video camera. Later, I learned his grandpa is not senile at all - the family was playing a joke on me. FML
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oh come on. that's not so bad. it's only a joke.

Monikabug 9

It was only a joke, the OP has no sense of humor. Think of it this way, they liked yournough to joke around with you, and it was so fun that they recorded the memory to share forever. Stop being such a baby, OP. Your life is not ruined because you danced with an old man. Maybe you should volunteer at an eldery manor, and stop being a selfish bitch.

Zigma_fml 0

Yeah, seriously, what are you, a complete snob? Lighten up a little.

dude, they obviously like you, that's how most families show they like ****** with em.

In order to be a fml, this should end "so I slept with his grandfather and my boyfriend caught us. fml". As it stands, it's weak.

Ones like these make the case for a "not an FML" button.

cater2U 0

boohoo it was a joke. but cats don't dance was the best movie ever!!! 

I'm pretty sure he was calling her "Tilly" in reference to the killer whale at SeaWorld.

cater2U 0

no I think he meant the hippo in cats don't dance because hippos are pimp

Agreed! The family played a joke on you :) I would have definitely taken that as a good sign. Totally sounds like something my family would do, but they only do it to those they think can handle it. So, that's also a good thing for you! The family figured you would laugh it off and enjoy it.

Monikabug 9

@71. And how is that? If I said anything to offend you in any way, shape, or form I would love to know how that is. Enlighten me.

Monikabug 9

@81. Okay, YOU enlighten me. Since you want to jump on the bandwagon here, what did I say that came out bitchy? :)

Ecnassianer 0

That came out kinda bitchy :/

Monikabug 9

If you say so, but I want to know how it did. I don't want to hear that it was, I want to know the reasoning of why you or they think it was.

haha 84 is a bitch and she doesn't know it

I definately do not see how 84 is a bitch. She simply stated a fact.

Monikabug I personally agree with the point you make, but you do come off as bitchy, too. You're being way too sensitive about this - challenging people, capitalizing words for emphasis, responding to every comment about you. You make a good point, if it came off a little bitchy and a couple people make a comment about it just let it go. The point stands regardless of whether you come back to defend yourself against random internet dewdz.

hehe; number 95 your hair looks like woosshhh ((: cools.

haha op thats funny. i would just laugh it off and go with it!

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Seriously 16? Jesus, there is way worse FML's out there. It's seriously just sad you have to cyber bull that much, how is she selfish because she was uncomfortable?

lol I would love that family be happy they like you...or so it seems

old man.... young girl.... video camera.... sound like a setup for cheap Internet ****.

they sound so cool! learn to take a joke idiot. if u stay with him theyll show u in years to come and b like look how silly u were. i doubt u will stay together though; hell soon realise that u have no sence of humour and ars paranoid and clutchy and self pitying. enjoy ur life

Lillies98 0

sounds like a fun family. next time take his walking stick away

duckie227 22

welcome to the family!!! apparently they loved you or wouldn't have done such a 'mean' thing to you. I was once told 'if you aren't picked on, you aren't liked.' too bad for you.

Ecnassianer 0

Your blatent sarcasm is distasteful.

Your name reminds me of the episode of Arthur where he is practicing his spelling. A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K!

I have a feeling he was referring to the whale at SeaWorld.

duckie227 22

that episode taught me how to spell aardvark and I still think of the chant in the rare times I need to spell aardvark.

I know a goat called Tilly and this made me imagine the OP as a goat dancing with grandpa.. =P OP: They were just joking with you.. no big deal.

I think that's a pretty funny joke [: Not that I would want to be you though lol. But from their point of view I bet it was hilarious ha ha. Anyways.. FYL.