By jackskellington - 11/02/2015 04:34 - Australia - Bankstown

Today, I found out my dad ate my rabbit when I was 6 years old. He'd told me it ran away. I can't be mad at my dad; he's been dead for 5 years. FML
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Silly Dad, rabbits are for kids.

That sucks. Hopefully when he was eating it, he found several hares in it.


That sucks. Hopefully when he was eating it, he found several hares in it.

I think that's the joke.

NakuEh 27

@#66: Someone didn't get the obvious joke.

Who the hell eats a rabbit, especially their kid's pet rabbit? Well, I gotta ask: did he have a lucky year?

Eating rabbit meat is quite common but it's a bit weird and horrible to go out and kill your child's pet!!

Loveyou6611 20

No he didn't. He died.

JustinJK 21

I love hate stew :)

My father's psycho girlfriend threatened to eat my rabbit one day when she was having a bitch fit. I was absolutely mortified. I don't know how people can say/do stuff like that.

A lot of people eat rabbit, but as mentioned, to eat your kids pet is messed up. I wonder if they had no money and were starving which is why the dad ate the rabbit?

bunnylady08 13

I raise rabbits for show and pets. however. I have gone and butchered certain ones if they weren't thriving for one reason or another. it's very lean and good for you. but still, eating a pet one is a bit morbid...

Erm, not to be a dick, but mortified means embarrassed. Did you mean horrified?

marcmaralou 15

A similar thing happened to my mom... she had a pet rabbit as a child and at some point it just disappeared. My grandma had said that it had run away, but, as it turns out, she fed it to my mom.

Who knows, maybe the OP has also eaten a bun with the bunny's meat, but his dad has never told him.

SystemofaBlink41 27

Jesus, that's some Hannibal shit.

That's some twisted shit

cryssycakesx3 22

aw it sounds so much worse when you call it a bunny

I imagine it didn't taste very good. There's a huge difference between raising food and raising a pet...

bunnylady08 13

actually in my experience, it's very similar. I raise my hogs as if they were pets. They deserve the same happiness and health treatments as any cat or dog would.

your dad, not the rabbit correct?

correct. I was thinking that aswell.

Seriously, what kind of parent would do such a thing? That's wrong in so many ways

Silly Dad, rabbits are for kids.

allyiscute1 22

This is terrible!D: my grandma did this to my uncle except she cooked it for everybody to eat and asked my uncle if he liked the food midway through the meal and my uncle said yes it's delicious! then she said good it's your rabbit and my uncle got sad and stopped eating but they were poor so you have to do what you have to do I guess!

Your grandma is a dick.

When you're poor, I guess you eat the rabbit if you have to, but you don't deceivingly feed the rabbit to your child and then stop him in the middle of the meal to tell him. Sounds mocking to me. She's definitely a dick.

I also wondered if the dad ate it because they were starving and had no food? I understand the grandma eating it if they were starving, but I don't think she should have told her kid, she should've said he ran away or died or something. That's so sad.

Did he keep the feet?

Do you mean your dad has been dead for five years, or the rabbit? I assume you mean your dad because if it is the rabbit that means you are only 11...

Well, OP obviously means his dad is the one who has been dead. If the dad wasn't dead, there really wouldn't be a point in saying OP can't be mad at him, because the whole "my rabbit is dead" thing IS the reason to be mad at the dad.