Planned Parenthood

By Anonymous - 06/09/2019 22:01 - United States

Today, I got the biggest shock in my life, I'm a mistake, and the only reason why I wasn't put up for adoption is because of the tax refunds. FML
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No such thing as mistakes, only happy accidents

That situation happens way more than you might think. Your parents love you regardless.


No such thing as mistakes, only happy accidents

JillianJuneBug 39

The way I see it, some people were accidents, but never a mistake. Others aren’t quite so lucky, so enjoy life while you can ^^

Well if the worst thing from you finding out you were a "mistake" is the fact that you are a mistake, I don't see the issue. My dad has said to my face that both my brother and I weren't planned but he and my mom both love us very much and have done so much for us throughout our lives. I don't have any issues with being an unplanned child because my parents obviously don't regret having me. It seems like your parents don't regret keeping you either.

That situation happens way more than you might think. Your parents love you regardless.

Mungolikecandy 19

It is not so much a mistake and that you were only kept for the wrong motivations but rather how you have been treated and have you been nurtured and loved by your parents since.

Most of the people on the planet are unplanned. So? And if you're able to type this, with good spelling and proper punctuation, then you're old enough such that the whole mess happened many years ago. Heck, you weren't even conscious at the time. So what? Focus on the present and move on with your life.

bl3ur0z3 17

If it's any consolation, you cost way more than those tax refunds are worth.

The decision making process before having a child do not relate to the later relationship AT ALL. My friend wanted to get an abortion but was told it was actually a surprise she got pregnant in the first place because of fertility issues. And if she ever considered having a baby at all she'd be wise to keep this one. Her son is now 10 and she loves him with all her soul, their relationship has absolutely nothing to do anymore with the time before he was born and she considered an abortion. But that is the truth behind a lot of kids too and maybe it's hard to see that distinction as a young person. There's as many kids who came into their parents' lives unplanned who are still loved unconditionally, as there are kids that were absolutely wanted but only to fulfill a certain expectation, and who got treated very badly for not fitting into that preconceived picture. So, tl;dr the nature of your conception is not tied to how much your parents love you, promise.