By Anonymous - 17/07/2019 16:09

Today, I was using a disabled toilet. I'm disabled partly because of spinal problems. While I was doing my business, the whole toilet fell to the floor, leaving me sitting in a puddle of my own urine and smashed porcelain, with even more spinal problems. FML
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It’d take a lot of fat to break a toilet. It’s likely they put very little effort into the disabled stall, like most places.

Sounds like you could sue if you’re in the US


If the toilet wasn't disabled earlier - it is now 😂

Sounds like you could sue if you’re in the US

OP here. Sadly it was in Greece, at the airport on my way home to the UK. The lawyers I've spoken to can't take a case that happened in a different country. So now I just need to learn Greek so I can take a domestic case....

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That’s a horrible story. Yes. FYL