By mommy - 14/03/2010 20:14 - United States

Today, I found out that the only reason my ex husband calls my son anymore, is to ask him to send him things on Facebook. FML
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ouch :( what a terrible father

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this fml leaves many questions unanswered


now we know why he's your ex.

yeah how's is this your fml? it should be your son's saying "today I realized the only times my dad calls me is to ask for me to send him things on facebook. fml" poor kid :[

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I agree with Haley! (#63) There is a reason why he is your ex-husband, just be glad that he is. It is unfortunate for your son though. It would suck to have a father who had absolutely no interest in you, beyond sending him things on Facebook. One day, your ex might realize what he is doing to your son, but it might not be for awhile. That is really sad... Sorry, OP. You may hate the father, but at least you have your son. :) FYL

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awh that's really sad:(

what did you expect now if he wants to see his son he has to go out of his way, most people hardly have time when they are with their children.

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@79... it is his kid, it shouldn't be a bad thing to go out of his way to see his son and be a part of his life. I would do anything for my kids if it meant risking my life to make them happy. you obviously aren't a parent if you think that's ok of the dad, then you definately don't understand the love of a parent. and if you are a parent then you're probably not a very good one!

I agree with #65 and #2.

Good ol' dad :( poor kid

I agree with number 63

Sounds like a legitimate way to communicate.

YDI for having a child with such a fucking dolt.

awwww that's messed up

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I agree with 85, when you have kids you'd do anything for them

Well, I'm having the worst day of my life right now. Merle Haggard's song "Always Wanting You" comes to mind right now. And yes, I'm so desperate for sympathy that I'm coming to the Internet. It sure is hard to face tomorrow, just like Merle said.

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Hey! CafeWorld and Farmville are important(;

ouch :( what a terrible father

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this fml leaves many questions unanswered

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Like why would he bother with the phone when he can just post the requests on his wall?

#56.. probably because he wants to actually TALK to his son

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what a douche

what kind of things? this fml could be really bad, or not so much

Their life is fucked because this is their kid. Their ex will never be the father their kid wants, and there's nothing as a mother she can do to make them become a better person. She can only be the best parent she can be, and it's sad that she has to do it alone.

Ya, f your kids life.

or her kid could suck it up and send him some farmville cash!

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I'm confused. Is OP talkig about Farmville Cafe World etc.?

If they're already on Facebook, why would he need to call him?