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Today, my father who left my family over 10 years ago and never contacted us or paid child support, poked me on Facebook. FML
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Man he knows exactly how to mend years of neglect

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Poke him back.


Man he knows exactly how to mend years of neglect

Damn straight he does!

mines been dead 11 years consider urself lucky! although I did have him for 6, we can only pick our poison

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my mother died but that's still luckier than having a deadbeat dad. at least my mother gave me a great childhood while she was here, of which a deadbeat dad isn't capable although, if you are young, I suppose the years of separation are similar and that's just awful to experience.

Maybe he wants to be in your life and does Not know how to take the first step

I found my dad. My mom did great though she loved me each and every day life wasn't perfect but someone was there, 142 days ago (October 15 2010) she committed suicide in her bathroom. Not a day goes buy that I dont wish i could go back and change that day that i could stop her, or at the very least take back things i have said throughout my life or tell her that she was my world, Dont live with regret let him back in, Life is filled with us making mistakes, and if i know one thing its dont live with regret, dont surround yourself with the "what ifs" . He deserves another shot.

Wait, if he "never contacted them" why is he OP's friend in the first-place? Don't you have to to poke?

no you don't. You can poke anyone whenever you want.

18 that's soo sad!!! my friends mom committed suicide last December by jumping off a bridge. she is still trying to cope without her mother.

Oh okay, thanks. Don't have a Facebook...

kingtz 6

@#18 Holy run on sentence, batman!

I never did and never will understand why people put personal information of others (like, suicide) on the internet, so that everybody (who, honestly, absolutely doesn't care) can read it. If the FML was about suicide or lost, I could understand it a tiny little bit. But it's about a useless father. Not to be rude, but 18's comment doesn't seem to belong in this FML. The father of my partner has run away, changed his back name, never paid child support, left his wife and child with debts...I see no reason why my boyfriend should ever forgive him.

Hey 18 you don't have to go around telling everyone how your parents died, it's sad yes, but this site seems to be for entertaining purposes. Why didn't you just write an Fml about it..?

I honestly wouldn't give a shit if either of my parents died (I see my dad like once a year and he's a piece of shit) and I don't see why anyone else would either

Goodies, I deadset thought you had **** for a display picture. I was about to call you a ****, then I saw it was your MALE chest. Carry on.

69 me too but I looked closer, he's ripped

-51 nice Justin bier haircut.

honestly people this is not the time to go hating on me. Find another time or place, sirry if i wasted your time with a story. but i would appreciate no more mean comments.

just leave 18 alone. can't anyone tell a story without getting accuse?

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people are symbolic, 18 is just expressing his sorrow anyway he can.

'can't anyone tell a story without getting accuse?' This is FML, a site where people post their funny/sad/awkward stories and other people comment about it. This is not a site where we help people deal with their emotional problems, how bad they even are. This is not the 'post the story of your life' site. Goodies comment simply does not fit in this FML, and yes, I think we have the right to say that. Otherwise we are encouraging other people to post things that does not belong here. I also find it very inappropriate from Goodie to tell so much details about the death of his mother on the internet. Personal stuff should not be thrown on the internet, but I've told him that already.

115, you are a classic example of a douchebag. his parents died, but you go ahead and be an asshole. I mean I can see if you didn't know and he made any other comment, but it's not right to be an ass to someone that just explained his parents are dead. think first, then speak.

Flying Unicorns!

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Aww good point! I'm so sorry to hear about ur mom(:

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man people are such douches. I don't care much for death stories. but way to be antisocial and not want to talk. like if you read 18's warlords comments the whole conversation would make sense. oh wait this is the Internet the idiot pool

Djeepee - I am definately going to listen to your advice... =/ yah no. Look i iddnt even give info im using my story to sho that you should let people try again, second chances are amazing things. Your a cruel person for sure and if you dont like it dont read it. Like honestly you want detail what u want the gun? caliber? **** i could give uevery word of the note she was holding! like honestly i dont say this alot but **** you.

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Djeepee, that's just cruel. No need to try so hard to strictly follow all the rules. Btw, if FMyLife is supposed to be funny, then what's up with all the trolling and the bitchy comments that make up 80% of all the comments here? goodies, I feel sorry for your loss. There are way too many cruel people on this site.

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wow and what does that matter trying to make ppl feel bad for u

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'Djeepee, that's just cruel. No need to try so hard to strictly follow all the rules. Btw, if FMyLife is supposed to be funny, then what's up with all the trolling and the bitchy comments that make up 80% of all the comments here?' Those comments are also useless and deserves to be thumbed-down. No, I'm not fond of those either. But why am I cruel? For following the rules? Because I pointed out that his mothers suicide isn't important in this FML? It's not like I absolutely don't give a ****, but this is FML, I, and many others, come here to amuse ourself and to discuss the FML, not to read about the hard life of someone else. I simply find it very inappropriate and disturbing to post the exact date of the death of your mother online. Maybe it's because I'm not the emotional type, but if I think that Goodies comment does not fit here, than I may say that. He could just have said 'I have had a very hard life, but I also gave my dad a second change, and it feels good', then it would be appropriate, then it would be useful to the FML. The fact that his mother died three days before my birthday is not. Like I said: don't expect sympathy from the internet. Don't post personal stuff online if you can't stand the fact that others will not be interested in it. Don't. (oh, and about the second change thing, I think that OP's father must put a little more effort in it than a simple poke if he want a second change. I think that he must prove himself worthy.)

Djeepee your comments bring a smile to my face, keep up the good work. She's right on all accounts by the way, this is a site where we come to laugh at other peoples misfortune.

holy shit guys shut up!

don't read it. I'm saying family is important don't lose it. djeepee I feel Sooooooo bad it's like 2 days away from ur birthday oh man u poor kid :(. yah no. **** off. I don't want sympathy I'm a happy kid I will b attending uni I have a house and a job and lots of friends. don't give sympathy but don't disrespect.

djeepee learn to read I can't give my dad a secon chance he OD when I was 6.

TayonaC 10

wow djeepee, you really don't have a life do you?! all you do is sit on FML and put people down. before you want to complain about people putting stupid comments on here take our own advice. they can do what they want. please, do us all a favor and leave!

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There's nothing relevant about your little sob story. His dad left and then poked him. Your mom offed herself. Go cry to your friends or a therapist or submit your own FML. Don't take the attention away from the original FML with your "feel sorry for me" comments.

150 you're worse than the other person. your a ******* asshole.

thanks 150. it's really not a sob it's sad but I'm a happy kid I don't need sympathy. it is relevant. you guys are really disrespectful and I don't appreciate it. I don't care how bad ur day was don't go after me I've done nothing wrong.

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Please just do us all a favour and stop being a complete asshole. Your trolling is only showing how bitchy/ how much of a dick you are. Sorry, couldn't tell if you are a girl or boy. Don't try to lecture us again, it just proves how my point is right.

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Just pointing out the fact that while you just said you don't need to put personal info online, especially on FML, you DID just quite obviously mention your birthday being extremely close to the date of his mother's demise. Sounds like you may want sympathy on why you didn't like him mentioning it. Poor you.

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i agree with djeepee its sad and all but ur just asking gor attention when u write down that everyone goes through a hard life at time but sorry about ur mom and all

DJeePee is right. And at least they use grammar. Those who defend are suck up women who want his number because of his picture. Plus that '=/ yah no' shit isn't funny or makes you look like you are smart or whatever you were achieving. It's childish. Like when people say 'NOT!' at the end of something sarcastic.

so maybe his comment wasn't completely related to this FML but this argument definitely isn't either.

um I am a child I'm 17 :) this ******* thing is officially closed hahaha

@28: Poking "anyone" can get you arrested in 50 States.

Fatalally 4

Yes, but they only posted that as an example.

oh my gosh djeepee just shut the f*ck up okay nobody gives a monkeys uncle what you think or have to say!!!! goodies63 keep doing what your doing don't listen to the immature bastard!!!

damn skippy.

wow dgeepee I'm beginning to see why people hate you. all she was doing was giving op something to think about and try to get her to make up with her father. its ******* FML. comments will be comments. gtfo

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To end this, 150, and DJPee are just assholes. Sorry for your loss dude.

And you just did...

you finally round him and youre whining? you're so ungrateful. a father who pokes his son/daughter on Facebook is something remarkable. count your blessings. who cares if he neglected you through out your whole life? he poked you!

exactly reach out to him he is trying it's not easy my friend did the same and his dads semi in his life (phonecalls n such)

The way I see it the guy now wants to be the nice father after not doing anything for his children for years. It's rather selfish. If he seeks contact he better apologizes and explains why he left instead of just thinking he can go back like nothing happened. You don't have to make contact with the guy, but it might give you some closure or something. Anyway: the guy's weird.

Hey, my dad hasn't talked to me in like 10 years. If he did now, I can't say I would welcome him back with open arms.

I think 2 was being sarcastic.... acrually, I hope she was, otherwise she's kinda stupid


Yeah OP's father is a total POS. After OP is more or less grown he finally makes contact when the hard part of raising him/her is over? Fuck that.

damn boy nice body

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54-Ya his boobs are almost as big as yours!

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well op be grateful that he even did do anything. maybe he had his own troubles...I wouldn't know my dad passed a long time ago so be greatful

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my dad did the exact sane shit and nomatter what he does to change i will always hate him for screwing my child hood!! dont be like that...

Well, FYL if you can't take a joke.

Paiggeerr7 0

you're a dumbass!! who gives a flying **** if he poked her/him. that doesn't hide the fact that he abandoned her/him!! they have every right to be pissed

hanzoo 0

you talk utter shite, when something like that happens to you we'll see how you feel.

She was obviously being sarcastic -_-'

Shut #2 you dumb *****.

japan166 8

Not sure if your joking or really dumb.

memyselfandI07 1

Omg! First off i agree 100% with you. But omg i thought it was just my sister and I who used the phrase "flying ****". Crazyy

mbusey 20

Can't tell if stupid, or just trolling.....

zebra46 10

Well you go **** your self you self centered bitch you deserve for him to leave you he clearly deserved a better family than having you as his **** bitch daughter

rosesdarkblue 0

I think madiester (2) was being sarcastic.

Lasagnaa 24

O___o I'm hoping you're being sarcastic.

lol thats funny

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I've never met my dad! if he poked me I would just think it's some creeper... lol. but yeah that sucks. don't talk to him.

complete opposite. reach for him everyone makes mistakes! everyone... he deserves another chance but if he is still bad )drugs or w.e) but please let him.

i think she means she would think he's some creeper because she doesn't know who he is. not because she's ignoring him reaching out.. :

my bad idk how to delete comments my apologies!

yaaaa when I inevitably abandon my children I'll never come back into their lives. you gota stick with your decisions.


Jizwold - If you know you're going to abandon your kids, don't even bother reproducing. I'm not sure where you're from that says it's okay to abandon your family before you even know them, but for the sake of your kids, just don't have them.

lmao u send him a message " sexual harassment!!!!!!"

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Poke him back.

dudeitsdanny 9

No, no, no.. You poke back a good father. OP needs to add the father on Facebook and send farmville, cityville, happy aquarium, etc. requests every chance they get. That's how you get payback.

Jay1D 0

my dad sends me multiple requests a day... but he actually plays the games...

i dont see the problem here, I mean years ago all he did was poke your mom anyways.

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59 Gud one


66 bad one

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Your dad is trying to bag you lol


KiddNYC1O 20

56- No. Urban Dictionary-> bag.

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His/Her father is trying to busty asian girl? Yep. Makes Sense.

FYLDeep 25

Don't act like you didn't like it. Maybe you can turn this into a regular thing...

Why did this FML get accepted?

Because it’s a shitty situation??

Umm wouldn't you have to accept him as a friend for him to poke you? idk how facebook work.

22cute 17


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he could of done something memorable, like sent you an inbox on facebook asking for your gamertag... anyhow, just start a poke war !!! at least your dad wants to know you

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this! this! gamer tag = instant forgiveness