By disasterbutton - 09/02/2010 00:28 - United States

Today, I noticed that my neighbor's house has a clear view of my daughter's bathroom. There is a telescope in his window. FML
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Why don't people just put curtains over their damned bathroom windows!? It's not that hard to install them. Or better yet, replace the glass with the kind you can't actually see through!

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looks like it's time for a house call! break the damn thing!


u should notice these things!

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TheDaveCA 1

huh? he DID notice! that's the point.

true but the op doesnt know how long its been there.. for all the op knows she couldve been giving the neighbors a show

TheDaveCA 1

Could be... Or it could be he noticed with 15 minutes of the telescope being there. Either way, blinds or curtains just aren't that expensive.

garrettjordan 0

what a creeper

why have windows in the bathroom. it's stupid. YDI

advent2060 4

yea but he only noticed wen the neighbor said "hey this is awesome u gotta come over and see this" dad says "hmm that naked girl in the shower looks familiar...hey wait a sec... what the fuck that's my house and my kid WTF man" lol

he just wanted a view of the "full moon"

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she she she she OP is a woman

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creep alert!!!

yet another retard.

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how old is she 17 18 and did u go kick his ass

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wat a perv.

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wow go over there and shove a calculus book in his ask

ahah bumb ass didn't know his hot daughter was givin a little strip tease fo em

Exactly they aren't that expensive, yet it wasn't a requirement? I thought it was standard to put up something for the bathroom. Idiot OP, how stupid are you, do you have nothing on your windows in your bedroom either?

Every bathroom Ive ever been in has tiny windows that are usually frosted in some way. As in you can't clearly see anyone. I would call the cops and get something to cover the window or obscure the view


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r u stupid, telescopes see planets not little girls that's what binoculars r4 ; p

Daddy's little pornstar

beat the shit out of him

I wouldve tied him up and skinned him and his family slowly draining his family of thier blood into the tub where I would empty out all thier organs and use a skull as a bowl forcing the guy to eat his famies organs and blood as I'm drowning them one by one into the tub of blood n body parts. then I'd chop off his limbs throwing him in makin him drown but for a faster n more painful death I'd slowly slit his throat as well.


moon? like new moon? omfg twilight! everyone scream Jacob

y is everyone not getting mad at the niehbor

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DAMN!! I would nail wooden boards to the windows!! that's just creepy.

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beat his mothafuckin ass!

pepper spray his ass

props to 35 lmfao might wanna call the cops man you got a creeper

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I'm sayin!

What a creep... it looks like someone isn't just using a telescope for looking at the sky!

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wow all bathrooms I've been in dnt hav windows

151- please see a doctor

Is that in prison??? Because lots of bathrooms have windows

She did notice idiot

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looks like it's time for a house call! break the damn thing!

break the guys neck not telescope!

TheDaveCA 1

Curtains are cheaper than a lawyer and posting bail...

Lawzen_Rainbow 7

call the cops. break the guys neck

throw a rock down all the lenses an into his eye!!! FTW!!!

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get a head shot via the scope like a real sniper

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That would be fun to watch

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hell ya

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well, if the telescope were in a window facing her daughter's bathroom window, there's a really good chance he's goin' pedo on her...

No shit Sherlock.

Maybe teach your daughter to close the blinds if she's not fully dressed? That is just common sense..

Yea really, you have nothing to worry about so long as you don't have a whorish daughter who leaves the blinds open. And how have you noticed and she not noticed, maybe she knowingly puts on shows for him?

Just put a note on the window. Stop spying perv

Why don't people just put curtains over their damned bathroom windows!? It's not that hard to install them. Or better yet, replace the glass with the kind you can't actually see through!

Don't even need to replace the glass, just get a can of that glass froster stuff and brush it on.

lemonypower 6

So, astronomy is fun.

Our window is really small and above our shower so you can't see into the bathroom unless you get on a ladder right in front of it

go over there and smash his face with it

then call the police n say he fell while lookin at ur daughter in the shower!

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eww. how oldi s ur daughter? if ages under 13 that's child molester status...

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how about under 18? I might've able to see 17 but 13? really?

Call the cops for stalking- that would be the smart thing

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there's not enough evidence anyway... "officer he has a telescope in HIS window" you can look at whatever the fuck you want from your window.. anyone who doesn't like being looked at can close theirs.

wonder what planets he is looking at... I also wonder if he's thinking about taking those planets for a ride def creepy... a legit FML/ cause for concern

maybe he likes looking at the stars

I'd tell her to close her damn blinds from now on. But there's no concrete proof he isn't actully using his telescope to watch the stars and planets.

Pretty sure that's a breach of privacy, though I guess getting a restraining order doesn't mean much if he's using a telescope, haha.

TheDaveCA 1

No breech of privacy if the view is visible from public property or private property owned by a third party. It's more likely the daughter would get charged under whatever laws cover public nudity, although the law in this area varies significantly by juristiction.

I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure the use of a telescope makes this count as intrusion. It's not like she's parading around on the first floor with windows everywhere.