By Anonymous - 20/08/2011 21:36 - United Kingdom

Today, my boss called me into his office and bitched me out for a good half hour for my attitude to our customers. Apparently I always look pissed off and sound sarcastic. That's just my face at rest. FML
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I know exactly what you mean.

yes, OP, that happens...unfortunately, we tend to be unaware about how our face looks atm, and ppl just ask if you're pissed or if something is wrong when you are feeling is pretty annoying.


I know exactly what you mean.

Damn_Hippster 11

Does that mean your ugly? Also thy doest explain why foundling sarcastic all the time!

flockz 19

and how to be smart.

Damn_Hippster 11

Wow, I hate auto-correct! Sorry for the bad spelling!!

flockz 19

i think he thinks correct spelling would be too mainstream. damn hipsters...

Damn_Hippster 11

23 gets it! But seriously even I am mad at my self, I too hate those who fail at spelling! Btw thy=the and foundling=your, yes that's right your.

My mom does that to me.

"the doest explain why your sarcastic all the time?" That's what you meant to say?

You should cut back on the monotone and try not to sound like you don't want to kill yourself :P

Why the hell would anybody NOT want to sound like they DON't want to kill themselves? Or too get rid of the double negatives and therefore make your comment much more readable (Grammar Nazi moment)... Why the hell would anybody want to sound like they want to kill themselves?

to prove a point just stare into your boss' eyes and smile the biggest smile ever smiled. make it creepy... the end

Also hipsters suck.

Lol OP is probably Squidward in disguise :P

What's so wrong about sarcasm?

Alexunited1212 2

What's so wrong about Squidward?

Everything. Everything is wrong with him. He is a self-centered narcisistic baldy with absolutly no work ethic, he thinks that he is some some great artist but when he paints his poor art skills greatly reflect his narcisism, and even if you overlook all of that he has absolutly no tolerence towards anybody around him!! And there's also that creepy thing his nose does when he laughs, that's kind of annoying.

I would you suggest you stop giving your face a rest.

Read my bio An thumb up if u laugh

guckylynn 19

27, you claim to hate people who can't spell but you said " why your sarcastic all the time" when it should be you're.

Me too, I always hear people saying how sarcastic I always sound, even when I'm serious. It gets annoying they don't take me seriously.

OhSoBueno 0

Looking and sounding sarcastic is a gift. And having a pisses off look on your face is also a gift, I would know, for I have it, because then you don't have to talk to stupid people.

yes, OP, that happens...unfortunately, we tend to be unaware about how our face looks atm, and ppl just ask if you're pissed or if something is wrong when you are feeling is pretty annoying.


If people aren't afraid to ask why then you don't look pissed off enough.

skylerXx 6

I always looked pissed and have an extremely passive tone. I know how it is. But I don't give a **** usually.

topie_fml 6

That's the way it should be. Fuck it

aFatFuck 0

Yeah people tend to tell me that I always look like I'm about to drop a big dump

22cute 17

Yes, well my face used to always look like that, too. You can train yourself to smile as the natural state of your face. I did. People treat you a lot better, so it's worth the effort.

Same for me, except my face at rest looks like I'm depressed all the time. Often people ask me if I'm feeling ok and some say I could be in a horror movie because of my blank stare :T

alex6946 10

People tell me thats how I sound and look, but thats just my face!

Beat his face untill it looks worse then yours and then bitch at him and ask why does he look sick all the time and why does he have a puffy double chin

My girlfriend used to complain about my facial expressions. Apparently I "smile" too much.

57- I don't see your girlfriends problem. What's wrong with smiling?

IndiRae 9

Whenever my face is at rest, I apparently look like I'm about to burst into tears. I work at a super market that seems to attract the elderly, so it's a constant flow of "Oh sweetie, are you alright?"

My face looks impassive 12/7, no matter what emotion I experience.

I've been told I look absolutely stoned even when I'm not. Seriously, I'm not joking.

63 - She says that it's not normal for a person to be smiling 24/7.

Everyone always says that i look depressed or bored... but i'm just being normal..

I can tell by your photo.

I have the same problem hate it !

I can tell thru your screen name " rawr face" do you bite too?!?!

GogoTheGreat 12

I have that same problem.

crazychick1269 7

I'm sorry!

carolv22 0

Chronic bitch face?

sxe_beast 11

I have a chronic bitch face. lol =/

did your faces get stuck that way from being sarcastic too much?

Damn_Hippster 11

That sucks!

You know what would help? Some spooning Read my bio An thumb up if u laugh

crazychick1269 7

well at least you'd b good at poker!!

Lightbulb830 4

So your boss told you to fix your face? You should shave your eyebrows and using a permanent maker draw some "surprise" eyebrows and smile more.

This is brilliant.

jackrileymac 4

Sounds like you should join the military