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Today, and for a long time, I've had a phobia of schools. I'm extremely stressed out about starting in a new school. Normal, right? Yes, except that I'm the teacher. FML
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But OP said he has had a phobia of schools for a long time, why become a teacher?


(Teacher replying) Some school districts assign you to a school that may not be your school of choice or it may be located within a bad area. One teaches to educate the future, not for the money -trust me not for the money as we sometimes work 2nd jobs to compensate.

But OP said he has had a phobia of schools for a long time, why become a teacher?

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#16 I'd guess its op's way of facing their fears. Though I don't understand why op would do something he/she has to do everyday until retirement.

maybe he wants to teach and help people learn. good luck, I'm sure you'll be just fine once you get in there.

Another teacher replying. First of all, if some of the schools or neighborhoods in your district scare you, perhaps you should look into working in another school district. Working in urban schools is not for everyone. Second, if you want to help children, there are other jobs that don't involve working in a school. Third, I'm hoping OP's just facing a case of nerves and not an actual phobia. The first day always makes me nervous and I've been teaching 15 years.

Anyone stop to consider they may have already been a teacher for a while before their fear developed? However I do agree if they are really that scared of their job they need to look into a career change.

That's possible #46, but going from the wording in this FML, it sounds as if OP has had a true phobia of school for a long time. So it puzzles me as to why they ever became a teacher in the first place. But I do not have all of the info so you could possibly be right.

#50 Not having all the info is really the only reason why I came to that idea. It doesn't seem as likely, but neither does them joining a teaching career while being scared of school. They may have even been forced into taking that career, it's really all up in the air unless they give a follow up.

I think Op meant nervous more than a phobia or anxiety. As 42 said, a lot of teachers are nervous on the first few days even though they've been a teacher for years. Being nervous (as oppose to a phobia) would explain her having it for years yet her still wanting to be a teacher. People tend to think words like nervous or anxious are interchangeable with words like phobias, even though in reality they're different. I think if Op had an actual phobia of schools she probably wouldn't be a teacher. Either way Op just remember why you chose your profession and I'm sure each day will be better.

Phobias can awaken well into your later years. OP probably was a teacher before the phobia appeared. The same happened with me and my agoraphobia. I used to be outside everyday for hours on end (I would rarely see my family because I was always outside), now I can't go by my front door without having a panic attack.

based on what? unless you know the guy, you're sure of nothing.

I'm only trying to offer encouraging words. Goddamn is that such a crime?

Blind idealism never helped anyone. You don't know OP, therefore, your words of encouragement mean nothing. Had you said something more like "I wish you the best of luck!" then we wouldn't be jumping down your throat like we are now.

While you're there, what's it like down her throat?

Omg people are assholes for no reason, damn. Sad

It's ridiculous that I can't even make a positive comment without being lashed at. Sometimes I hate being a polite English woman.

I say its still normal. Just make sure the kids know that too. Unless you're in high school, then your boned.

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Did you become a teacher to face your fears? Or because even though they scare you, you want to help others feel safe and learn? Because if it isn't one of these reasons why would you work at a place that terrifies you?

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Normal to be nervous starting a new job.

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It's a good way to face your problems.

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If you are having anxiety about your profession, you could always change it. Nobody said you have to be a teacher for the rest of your life

If you had this phobia since you were a student, then I believe you have not done well in choosing your profession.

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If you're scared of the neighborhood your students live in, you should look into teaching in another area. I've taught in inner city schools my entire career and I find your comments condescending. I have never once been afraid to go to work-- despite working in schools with rampant gang, drugs, and weapons problems. My students go through enough crap outside of school-- it's my job to be a strong role model who provides them a safe learning environment. Students don't need teachers who treat them, their school, and their neighborhood as if they are bombs ready to go off. They need understanding, love, compassion, and guidance. And if you think you're always safe once you're on campus, you haven't been teaching very long.

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It's normal to feel that way. If anything it's much more stressful to be a teacher. But I'm sure you'll be fine. Just don't imagine them in their underwear it never works.