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Today, I found out that my friend makes more money than I do. She's a high school dropout and working at a retail job at the mall. I went to college for four years to get my job. FML
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Except that on average a college graduate with a Bachelor's earns tens of thousands more a year then people who only graduate high school, let alone only some high school and no graduation. Doesn't always work out that way for everyone, but saying that "YDI for thinking that going to college would make you earn more money" is a pretty ridiculously ignorant statement.


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so what? I don't have a degree and I probably make more than you too. I have 15 years exp in technology, and a crap load of certs. just because you went to college for 4 years doesn't mean that you should automatically make more money. experience counts for a lot. you didn't mention how long your friend has been at her job, or how long you have been at your job.

Yeah, if the friend dropped out in high school, then she has more than four years' work experience on OP, while OP would be a newb fresh out of school. Employers have to raise wages over time to keep their good workers.

she gave the boss an offer he couldn't refuse

How this happens? You dont need to be smart to be successful, all you need is hard work. I'm going to college so i can hopefully get a decent job even though i don't plan to work my ass off.

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I'm a marine, I make more money and have better bonuses than most of my friends that graduated college.

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Except that on average a college graduate with a Bachelor's earns tens of thousands more a year then people who only graduate high school, let alone only some high school and no graduation. Doesn't always work out that way for everyone, but saying that "YDI for thinking that going to college would make you earn more money" is a pretty ridiculously ignorant statement.

considering the friend is in retail sounds to me op has a crappy degree, or is in an entry level position

everything will fall into place soon unless u went to b.u.m. community college

Silly OP, you don't need to go to college to work at McDonald's. Gah!

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Depends what career you went to pursue!

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Going to college doesn't entitle you to millions of dollars and a successful career. My dad dropped out of high school and is currently the vice president of a very large corporation.

Yes, and clearly your father is the rule, rather than the exception. There will always be people like Bill Gates who manage to hit it big despite not having a higher education. However, anyone who thinks "I'll drop out of high school and I'll be sure to make tons of money!" is short-sighted and better enjoy saying the phrase, "Welcome to Wal-Mart."

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Actually, Bill Gates did have a higher education. I remember reading a book about him 4-5 years ago. I'm pretty sure he went to Harvard. But I get what you're saying. But then again, look at Steve Jobs. He also pursued a higher education; he went to Stanford. And now Steve and Bill are like enemies!

Gates dropped out of Harvard after 2 years.

And Steve Jobs makes less money... ouch.

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what are u talking about? Steve jobs dropped out of reed college and has not completed any higher education. officially apple pay him $1 annual salary as CEO but as the largest share holder of Disney and with his stocks in apple, his 2010 net worth is estimated at 6.1 billion dollars.

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He went to Stanford. Get your facts straight. I don't know what you're on...I mean talking about.

How did that work out for old jobsy? Oh yeah, he died.

Don't feel bad she probably went under the desk.

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YDI for choosing such a low-paying major. It's too bad you were only chasing the almighty dollar. With an education, you could hope to pursue things that you really have a passion for, even if you don't get rich. Your drop-out friend may get a better paycheck, but she has to deal with asshole customers all day and have to smile about it.

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Did you hit your head? Where's the sarcasm and black humor? OT: Some friend you are! College opens up doors for you. You chose the door with less pay, but considering you had to get a degree here, I'm going to assume you can move up the ranks. Your friend can probably only get a promotion so many times in that line of work.

eh, it happens... I read an article last month that numerically showed how a UPS delivery driver straight out of high school will make significantly more money over his lifetime than a doctor, once tuition and everything is factored in.

I somehow don't believe that. Please share your source. According to my terse research, the average UPS driver makes $72,000. Compare that to a family practitioner (the specialty that makes the least amount of money) who makes an average of $140,000. If you assume that a UPS driver straight out of high school will start at that salary and not increase and will work until age 60 (42 years), the total salary is just over $3 million. I'll assume that the FP goes to a private college for 4 years (tuition 30k/yr) and medical school for 4 years (tuition 30k/yr), accruing a debt of $240,000. Three years of residency (salary 40k/yr) will make $120,000. That person will start working as an FP at age 29, work until 60 (31 years), and will make a net total of just over $4 million when he pays back his student loans. Change the FP to an orthopedic surgeon or interventional radiologist who can easily make upwards of $500,000, and your numbers are way off.

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while you are probably right that they dont make more than doctors (maybe certain types of doctors) UPS drivers get paid extremely well and raises are every year and debts for doctors is more than you say because of interest and things like that assuming they are not rich students and take years to pay off. Also most drivers retire before 55 and you cant be a driver straight of of high school you have to be at least 21 and there is usually a 1-3 year waiting list so all the math on both sides is off but i think Doc is closer to being right in the end

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Also this is in Canada so the wages could be completely different considering the health care there and different laws and stuff so we really dont have a clue.

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Doc, you forgot internship which is 3 years of about 40k a year, usual doctors start their practice at 32.

My father is a family practitioner. He has several colleagues who make less than 100,000 a year. It takes a while to build up a practice AND negotiate with insurance companies to get a fair payment for each payment. He also knows NO ONE who made 40K a year as a resident. You also didn't factor in living expenses during college. After dorms, my private college cost well over 40,000, and I needed at least $300 a month for food, toiletries, etc. Because of that, I knew people who worked 20+ hours a week for $8 an hour an still graduated with six figure student loans. And that was for undergrad! School is expensive. It's very possible to rack up nearly half a million dollars in student loans over eight years if they also cover living expenses.

Interesting. I think I prefer school in Belgium (or with similar systems). One year at uni costs about € 700, the place I live in is about € 350 a month and if I really watch out, I can make it with € 100 a month for food and toiletries and such. And generally, parents pay for most things, if not all. So we can graduate with absolutely no loans.

i work at the mall and get paid shit and treated like crap by customers and my boss im going to school to get the hell out of here