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By Anonymous - 31/05/2009 14:55 - United States

Today, I washed my face and grabbed a towel to dry it. I felt something moving down my forehead, thinking it was a drop of water. Upon looking in the mirror, I found it hadn't been a drop of water… unless the water drop had legs and was gooey. FML
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Gooey+legs=....caterpillar? I don't really get what it was or why it was on your head after a shower, but that's sick

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Eugh, that's just gross! But not so bad.

omfg thats is just horrible. good protein tho :D

Oops! Apparently we accidentally swallow three spiders in a lifetime though, so try not to feel too bad. At least you didn't eat it.

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Nooo.. It's like 10 spiders annually..

84 and 86 are idiots. Google university doesn't count.

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AHHHHFHIEHFO! omg that just makes me quiver

#5...I heard it was 7 x( OP: EWWWW that's so gross. I'm sorry!!

Im sorry but this will probably happen to you more than once in your life. Just something nasty that happened to you.

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